HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ORAL…HEALTH – Biohacker’s Live Show with Lumoral

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Welcome to the next episode of Biohacker’s Live Show!

In this Free-flowing Q&A webinar Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is discussing about the best ways to optimize and biohack oral health with Tommi Pätilä (Associate professor, MD) and Sakari Nikinmaa (MSC), the founder’s of the company Koite Health. In the webinar, you can also learn about new technology regarding dental gum treatment. Finnish innovation Lumoral upgrades oral health to a higher level by improving the bacterial balance of the mouth!

You can now biohack your oral health at home! The Finnish innovation Lumoral is taking oral hygiene to a new level. Lumoral is designed to maintain oral health and prevent dental diseases at home and is also recommended by dentists. The core of Lumoral treatment is the light-activated antibacterial Lumorinse mouthwash, which effectively removes microscopic plaque from the teeth. Lumorinse is the first product on the market to apply an antibacterial effect only to the dental plaque and thus protect the own bacterial balance of the mouth.

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What are the benefits of regular Lumoral treatment?
-Fresher breath
-Maintaining oral bacterial balance
-Removes discoloration from teeth and naturally whitens teeth
-Treatment of inflamed gums
-Decreased tartar formation
-Prevention of cavities

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