How Does A Lack of Sleep Affect You (+ Better Sleep Tips) • Dr Amy Bender

Listen to Dr Amy Bender PhD., sleep scientist, explain how a lack of sleep affects us and what we can do about it. This episode is great for anyone who wants to learn more about the main factors affecting sleep quality and quantity, how to know you are getting enough good sleep & what sleep has to do with performance and recovery?

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about how sleep affects their health, what they can do to improve sleep, or are unsure if they are getting enough good quality sleep, this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview as I have been tracking my own sleep using the Oura ring and have noticed how a good night’s sleep can really set me up for the day. Naturally, I have developed a keen interest in what I can do to improve the quality of sleep I’m getting.

After speaking with Amy, I have a better understanding of what changes I can make to my routine to ensure I am getting the most restful and restoring sleep possible.

I really enjoyed this interview with Dr Amy Bender and I’m sure you will to.

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We have all hiccuped at one time or the other and we all give out funny noises while doing so. Some people find it amusing to do, some people hates it when they hear it, some gets irritated and wonder what the person ate that it is making them hiccup so much. Sometimes when people eat a lot, they get many hiccups, and they wonder what causes hiccups. Well to be scientifically or rather biologically correct, hiccups originate from a dome shaped muscle in our body named as the diaphragm. The diaphragm lies just above the stomach and it separates our upper body from the lower body.

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Awake again at 1AM with a fire in your stomach? Does it feel like it is working a way up through your chest? Or did you just have a “normal” meal and now you have fire in the belly? Perhaps you are one of the sufferers who have a low fire burning in your stomach all day long. Then you went to the doctor and someone said you had acid reflux or GERD or heartburn. If we watch TV or read the media we have probably all seen the ads for pharmaceuticals to quell this fire. But what else can be done and why would we not just take a purple pill?

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Urinary Bladder and Urethra Injury

Injuries to the urinary bladder and urethra can occur due to blunt trauma or penetrating wounds, surgery, and motor vehicle accidents. Such injuries can cause leakage of urine into the abdomen, infection, abdominal pain, difficulty in passing urine, and possible bleeding. Long-term complications include difficulty in passing urine, slow passage of urine, dysfunction of involuntary control of urination, and dysfunction related to sexual performance, notably erection and ejaculation.

Constipation With Diet As Home Remedy

In the past hundred years there have been a number if very successful constipation remedies which used natural, non-toxic methods. These methods are not patentable because they are pre-existing substances and so they have been suppressed in favor of more lucrative patent medicines.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis is a medical condition involving an abnormal dilatation of the large airways in the lungs, resulting from chronic infections, obstruction in the lungs, hereditary diseases, and auto immune disorders. Abnormal dilatation of the airways causes symptoms of a chronic obstructive disease in which the lungs get inflamed easily, with collapse of the airways. The common symptoms of this condition include breathlessness, prolonged bouts of disabling cough, and impaired inability to clear the lung secretions, sometimes accompanied by hemoptysis. A major involvement of the lungs can cause considerable disability to the affected individual and significantly increase the morbidity and mortality from this disease.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Bursitis

Bursitis is a medical condition involving inflammation of the bursa, which is a small, fluid-filled sac responsible for lubricating and cushioning pressure points between the bones, tendons, and the muscles near the joints. These bursae serve the function of helping joints move easily. Bursitis is a condition quite common in occurrence but not usually known to lay people. Common symptoms of this condition include a dull pain or stiffness near the affected elbow, knee, shoulder, big toe, or other joints; pain with movement or pressure; and swelling, warmth and redness in the area of the affected bursa. Physical overuse, stress on the joints, and direct trauma are common causes of bursitis. Infection, arthritis, or gout may also cause this condition.

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