Stop Chasing After a Body That Is Not Yours

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💪🏼 Ronan Diego de Oliveira’s process is primarily about unlearning things. Health and fitness are misunderstood – they’re usually portrayed through its aesthetic aspect, and the industry is excellent in triggering your feeling of not being enough if you’re not chasing that unrealistic physique goal that, deep inside, you never really wanted.

🫀 Health is about how your body feels according to its life stage and fitness is about what challenges it can overcome and readily recover from. A body that is truly healthy and fit needs a mind that is free from societal brainwashing and grounded on the individual’s own truth.

🧘🏼 When that happens, you are able to give your body back its sovereignty. In turn, the body becomes free to give you the full expression of its unique gifts. That’s when you discover your full power.

💫 This transformation goes way beyond nutrition and exercise only. It naturally asks for a holistic, mind-body approach, where physiology, psychology, and meaning meet to allow your full potential to be expressed.

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