Yarrow Willard: Mushroom Intelligence

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Recorded at Biohacker Summit 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Known as the Herbal Jedi, Yarrow Willard is a Clinical Herbalist, Director of the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, and Co-creator of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Raised by herbalist parents, he has been immersed in the world of wholistic medicine since birth. He is a passionate educator, youtube, and modern-day reality hacker who is continually upgrading his knowledge and understanding with the growing edge science of re-claiming wellness and vibrant living by reconnecting with the natural world.

Is the Stinging Sensation in My Leg Dangerous?

The most common symptom of varicose veins is a burning or stinging feeling anywhere from your feet to the tops of thighs. Nearly 75% of women and almost 40% of men in America will deal with varicose veins at some point.

How Can I Stop Sweating? Simple Natural Treatments To Reduce Sweating Now

Excessive sweating is something that is affecting millions of people worldwide. It can be a very serious condition to live with when you can’t interact with your friends and family the way you want.

The Ins And Outs of Varicose Veins

When veins near the surface of the skin become twisted and enlarged, they are referred to as varicose veins. These veins are often blue or purple in colour and they sometimes are even raised up from the skin.

Biological Storage That Is Both Fast and Trustworthy

In instances of life and death, immediate medical assistance is of highest importance. Just imagine the urgency of having a patient in need of blood who just suffered a car accident. Can you imagine the necessity of assisting a person who will die if not immediately given blood transfusion? Searching for the right blood type might be difficult, but there are companies today who offer services of blood and biological storage.

Calendula – The Healing Qualities Of The Herb Revealed (Part 2)

The article deals with the healing qualities of calendula. It describes simple guidelines on how to use the herb when dealing with various health problems, such as, hepatitis, gastritis, acne, boil and many more. Calendula remedies should be used as anti-inflammatory remedies to treat gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Calendula – The Healing Qualities Of The Herb Revealed (Part 1)

The article describes the healing properties of calendula. It deals with guidelines on how to collect and dry the herb, as well as, how to use it when dealing with health problems. Calendula is a well-known and widely distributed medical herb and ornamental plant.

The Truth About Chiropractic Care

The word ‘chiropractic’ is derived from a Greek word which means ”treatment by hands” and the name itself explains what chiropractic is. Chiropractic is a therapy that manipulates the body with hand for healing. Chiropractic focuses on disorder of musculo-skeletal system and the nervous system and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractic therapy is performed to treat many problems like back pain, arm and leg’s joint pain, neck pain and some types of headaches. Chiropractic can be specialized in; neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition, diagnostic imaging, occupational and industrial health, internal disorders, pediatrics, forensic sciences.

The Three Different Kinds Of Chiropractic Care For Different Ailments

There are many different kinds of chiropractic care for different ailments. Chiropractors make mild modifications to relieve and treat the subluxations by aligning the vertebrae creating nerve irritation utilizing spinal manipulation. You will find three main types of chiropractic care:

Kidney Stones Treatment – How To Treat Kidney Stones Using Natural Methods

In this article I am going to give you expert advice in order for you to learn how to treat kidney stones naturally. This information will show you how to cure kidney stones naturally.

All Backed Up? Try These Foods For Constipation

When your stools are hard, dry, infrequent and it is difficult to to have a bowel movement, then you are constipated. Other symptoms may include abdominal discomfort, lack of energy, dull headache, poor appetite, and lower back pain.

Dewberry And Bramble – Discover The Healing Qualities Of Them (Part 1)

The article describes healing properties of dewberry (rubus caesius) and bramble (rubus nessensis). In addition, it deals with simple guidelines on how to collect and dry these herbs. The article also describes the use of them when dealing with health problems.

Dewberry And Bramble – Discover The Healing Qualities Of Them (Part 2)

The article deals with the healing properties of dewberry and bramble. It describes simple guidelines on how to use the herbs when dealing with various health problems, such as, diarrhea, bleeding, inflammation of digestive tract, fever, high temperature, neurodermatitis, enteritis, inflamed throat, purulent tonsils, eczema, psoriasis, trophic ulcer and other. Dewberry (rubus caesius) and bramble (rubus nessensis) are thorny bushes of the genus Rubus in the family of rose (rosaceae).

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