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What Foods Should You Avoid With Arthritis?

Will it make much difference, perhaps enough to reduce or stop medication? Can you cure arthritis altogether, with diet?

Is Fighting Disease the Best Way For Good Health?

Doesn’t the term ‘fighting’ implicate resistance? Can good health come from resistance? According to Eckart Tolle, good health arises from acceptance, not resistance.

Homeopathic UTI Cures – Treating a Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Homeopathic UTI cures are just what you need to get rid of UTI. UTI is actually very common. While it is not necessarily a medical emergency, you would nonetheless want to get rid of it quickly for two reasons.

What Are the Advantages of Alternative Medicine, in Particular Homeopathy?

Just exactly what are the advantages of alternative medicine, in particular homeopathy and why are people turning to this health care system in their droves? People are intelligent. You don’t remain with a health care system unless it is helping you. So let’s examine why alternative medicine, and homeopathy in particular, are becoming increasingly popular.

How to Treat a UTI at Home Without Antibiotics

You don’t have to experience recurrent UTIs to learn how to treat a UTI with simple and natural remedies. UTI, as you know, is not life-threatening, but its very tendency to recur can mean trouble for you in the long run. How you must wish there are now immunizations for UTI, but there are not.

Chiropractic Myths – The Truth About Chiropractors

Chiropractic care is probably the most miss-understood profession out there. Many people believe that chiropractic care is all about pain relief, which in fact that is what they do but people tend to think that they will give them pain killers or some sort of miracle pain pill. The truth is that chiropractors do not just give pain pills but they find out the source of what is causing you pain and they eliminate it.

Is All Natural Always Healthy?

There are a few advertising catch phrases that can wreak havoc on our diets and in our bodies. Learn why “all natural” and “organic” can lead to a lighter wallet, weight gain and/or serious side effects.

How to Use a Lice Comb

When you want to kill head lice, a lice comb is one of the best possible options. A lice comb is a small comb with teeth that are close enough together to trap tiny head lice in between them. This allows you to remove the lice from the scalp and the hair.

Cures For Hyperhidrosis – 5 All Natural Treatments

All Cures for Hyperhidrosis are welcome, but to those that suffers from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)… finding home remedies or natural cures are definitely worth talking about. However, going to the doctor is an option, and can be painful and expensive. There are natural ways to treat hyperhidrosis, here are five of them.

Why Distant Healings Work

The success of distant healings are determined by ‘intention’ on both the part of person in need of healing, and the healer. The Indigo biofeedback machine uses modern technology, just like wireless internet or a mobile phone, to transmit energy that facilitates the distant or ‘virtual’ healing.

Chronic Sinusitis Medicine

For those suffering from chronic sinusitis, medicine and other various treatments can provide relief from the nagging symptoms of the condition. The persisting nasal drainage, swollen sinuses, sore throat, and cough that are associated with chronic sinusitis are hard to be cured by any single medicine alone, but exploring different medicinal regimens can often lead to alleviation of the problem.

How to Cure Sinusits

Sinusitis is a growing problem for thousands of people across the country. There are millions upon million of reported cases every year, and no doubt many other cases that remain unreported by countless other millions.

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