Why can’t most people meditate? (Stefan Chmelik, UK)

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“If the problem is hypervigilance, the solution is adaptogenic resiliency”. Stefan is an integrated healthcare physician, Founder of BioSelf Technology, and Inventor of Sensate (@mysensate). Stefan Chmelik is a life-long meditator and at the same time a driven entrepreneur with no time to spare on a mission to save the world. He has brought together these two potentially conflicting drivers in the invention of Sensate, a technology designed to help anyone achieve a fast-track to optimal self-regulation in the conquest of fear-based thinking. As the founder of New Medicine Group in London’s famous Harley Street, he created a world-class team with 300 years of combined clinical excellence. Through his work here with thousands of patients, he identified both the need and the solution to the problem of modern life stress, which led to the formation of BioSelf Technology in 2015. His career is now entirely devoted to enabling the optimization of human resilience through the work of the company.

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For years, modern medicine was the only choice available for patients, as alternative treatments were not accepted or offered as a viable form of medical treatment. Modern medicine has now become more open minded and accepting of the use of alternative medicine treatments.

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