The Truth About Blue Light, “Light Vitamins” and Healthy Lighting Hacks with Talia Ram – Talia Ram is the resident wellness lighting expert of and Lumiram. Lumiram is the original maker of neodymium glass light sources and has been a leader in full spectrum lighting since first opening its doors in Europe in 1959. Beautiful lighting has been a lifelong affair for Talia, who, as the daughter of Lumiram founders Corinne and Jacques Ram, grew up immersed in lighting. So it seemed a natural progression that four years ago, Talia joined the ranks as resident wellness lighting expert for the company, drawing on her intimate knowledge of the product and her 10 years of experience as a meditation and yoga teacher. Learn more at (discount code “biohacking secrets” saves you 15%)

Reiki Training is a Wonderful Experience For Both Reiki Masters and Students

Reiki is the universal energy of life that balances body mind and spirit in a very unique and soothing but powerful ways. Reiki training is actually pretty easy, it only requires trust, understanding, allocated time to practice and study, and last but not least, the most important aspect, a reiki master (teacher) that give you the attunement process for each levels. The learning process is not hard in any way, in fact, the process of reiki training is a wonderful experience of peace of mind and relaxation for the students and the teachers as well.

Best Alkaline Water Ionizers – Quality Titanium Plates Dipped in Platinum Get Best Health Benefits

Alkaline Water Ionizers are a technology that changes the molecular structure of your water giving it properties similar to the most healthy beneficial water on earth found high in the mountains. There are many ionizers on the market to choose from but they are not all created equal. The fact is, plate design is the most important feature to be aware of before purchasing an ionizer. Get the facts, ask questions and make an educated decision.

Night Sweats Causes – The 3 Most Common Causes of Night Sweats

Do you suffer from excessive sweating at night? It is a common issue worldwide and here are the most common causes of night sweats!

How to Stop Sweating – 3 Killer Tips

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Learn how to finally put a stop to it with these killer sweat busting tips!

Passing Kidney Stones Naturally – Effective Tips to Naturally Pass Kidney Stones

Passing kidney stones naturally is the best way to cure yourself from this disease. In fact, it is very simple to do this, if you know how.

Kidney Stones Home Treatment – Easily and Quickly Remove Kidney Stones Permanently!

If you have kidney stones, then obviously you have a tried a few ways to eliminate this problem. Drinking water is the most common advice you probably have gotten and it is a good advice. But some people need a bit more than that, to get rid of this disease. The great thing is that, there are many simple and effective kidney stones home treatment options.

Excessive Armpit Sweat – 5 Crucial Techniques to Control It!

When people talk about hyperhidrosis, they are most likely talking about excessive armpit sweat. Indeed, when people joke about sweat stains, it usually means someone has dark spots on their clothes around the armpits – as is the nature of many jokes, it’s only funny until you are the target of ridicule.

Is There Any Way to Grow Taller Naturally?

People are often judged by height, as someone with a taller stature represents power and leadership. This is why it’s important for you to discover and implement the techniques that can help you grow taller naturally. Here are some tips to get you started:

Indigestion – 8 Popular Natural Therapies

here is no point whatsoever to go for manufactured medicine and substances while you can actually get the same substances that cure you of an ailment naturally. That is why, with the following 8 popular natural therapies, for indigestion, the doctor will certainly stay away.

Acupuncture – Why Acupuncture Exercises and Diets Compliment Each Other

Acupuncture will bring back balance in your body. It is like a complimentary device to whatever your body may be lacking. Based on the Chinese country system acupuncture is based on balance and compliments between internal organs in your body.

How Long Does Flu Last – Part Four, Natural Measures to Treat Flu With Fatigue

Asking how long does flu last is a complicated question. There are many variables which need to be considered before an answer can come close to being accurate. However, it is a good question. But the time frame is all about what symptoms you have and how you treat them.

Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part One – Reflux

The treatment of stomach pain is normally by masking the effects rather than getting to the cause. Masking the effects suppresses your immune system, creating bigger problems later on.

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