EP 199: Unschooling and The Future of Education with Lainie Liberti

Lainie is an author, speaker, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who helped to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement. Lainie is an author, speaker, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who helped to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement. Learn more at WorldSchoolingCoach.com

Oats – Uncover the Healing Qualities of the Plant

Oats are used both as healthy food and very effective remedy to treat various health problems. The article deals with healing qualities of oats and describes the ways the plant can be of help when dealing with various diseases.

Hedge Hyssop – Discover the Healing Properties of the Herb

Hedge hyssop is very effective and helpful herb that can be used both for internal and external use. The article deals with various recipes to make hedge hyssop oil, compress and decoction for external application.

Hedge Hyssop – The Healing Qualities of the Herb Revealed

Hedge hyssop is referred to as a remedy to deal with 99 diseases. People used to add it to almost every decoction and mixture. Therefore, let us look at the healing qualities of hedge hyssop, thanks to which the herb has been used as the herbal remedy since primeval times.

How to Relieve Constipation Fast

Difficulty in excreting or passing hard stools as well as the discomfort brought upon by irregular bowel movement is such a painful and bothersome experience. Not to worry as there are remedies on how to relieve constipation. Some are tackled in this article.

Useful Remedies For Constipation

Remedies for constipation are handy when there is a need to relieve one’s self from difficult and painful stool excretions. Irregular bowel movement is not a disorder or disease but it is a common condition associated with passage of dry and hard feces and incomplete evacuation of the bowel. This problem needs to be addressed as early as possible to avoid the onset of diseases brought upon by the retention of food in the bowel.

Getting Constipation Treatment

If your bowel is blocked and you experience lengthy and difficult straining several times in a week, it is time to adopt a form of constipation treatment that can surely bring relief. There are several things that you can do to care for yourself at home when constipated. What are these?

Free Home Remedies For Eczema – Discover How to Get Rid of the Burning, Itching and Redness Easily

Eczema is a skin condition that is characterized by the swelling and redness of the skin and the formation of minute vesicles; most conditions partly brought about by the severe heat. The word “eczema” is taken from a Greek word, which means “to boil.” This condition can affect anyone and can appear in any part of the body. Excessively dry or excessively oil skin are good breeding grounds for eczema. Other factors that can aggravate eczema are heat and excessive emotional stress.

Simple Remedy For Constipation

Anyone can have constipation whatever your race is. It can afflict all walks of life.

Wheatgrass – Hot Trend For Health, Beauty and Profitability!

Wheatgrass is a healthy super food that has been used traditionally in cultures around the world. Today, research scientists and medical doctors are praising its disease-fighting, age-defying properties. Wheatgrass juice has become the trendy new way to keep illness and old age at bay.

Get Healthy Cravings With Help From Ancient China’s Sage Wisdom!

With a well developing practice of Qigong that is internal, one begins making inside their own body a craving for many nutritives that you require. Your own cells begin to ‘demand’ a healthy input of enzyme filled food. More often you are able to let go of cravings for foods that deplete you. It doesn’t happen over night but my teacher, Mantak Chia says, “If you do it, you get it! If you don’t do it, you don’t get it!!!”

A Sexy Way For a Healthier Back

There are reasons why we have sex. For pleasure of course, but, according to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, this is not the only reason why people engage is this pleasurable act.

It’s a Shame For You to Walk Around Sweaty Because to Cure Hyperhidrosis is So Simple

Wanting to cure Hyperhidrosis, read below as we give you the one, two, three knock-out punch solution. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is an embarrassing condition which affects about 3 percent of the world’s population. Let’s get informed about other methods…

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