Lois Maharg: Insomnia vs Night Owl Syndrome + Best Ways to Fix Poor Sleep

Listen to insomnia research journalist, Lois Maharg, about how she went on the hunt to understand what causes insomnia & how to fix it.

Lois is very passionate about understanding what causes people to suffer with insomnia and how it is different to other sleeping disorders.

She is has personally suffered with insomnia since a child so relates to others in the same situation. It is also a reason why she was keen to find out as much as she could about how to help people with difficult sleeping.

We not only talk about her personal journey, but also what she learnt from speaking to sleep researchers & sleep clinic doctors about how to diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

If you know someone who struggles to sleep at night and feels they struggling with insomnia then this episode is for them!

I enjoyed this interview as I hear people say how they struggle to sleep at night, especially as we get older. The word insomnia is used by many people, but might not be the most accurate diagnosis of the reason why they feel they don’t get quality sleep at night.

After speaking with Lois I have a better understanding that there is a medical difference between insomnia vs circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Not only that but people can suffer insomnia and sleep apnea at the same time too. Plus learning what are considered the gold standard ways to fix insomnia.

Special thanks to Lois for joining me on the show. Enjoy the episode!

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