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Effect of Caffeine on a Candida Sufferer

A friend of mine just shared her experience about caffeine’s effect on her, candida sufferer, with me through email. She said that when she first got ill, and long before she was diagnosed, caffeine was the first thing that she dumped. She was getting rolling drunk and horribly panicky on one cup of coffee, but now she’s not had any caffeine at all for about 6 years. She doesn’t miss it in the slightest, she said.

Effect of Caffeine on Candida

This article will discuss about the influence of caffeine on candida. This is based on a question I received in my inbox from a friend of mine. He asked why caffeine is bad for candida and wanted to know what other herbs are good antifungal herbs for candida except garlic.

Magnetic Therapy For Health and Healing – Is it Fact Or Myth?

If we do searching either on Google or Yahoo search engines, we will find a lot of studies done by various modern and traditional medicine specialists who can teach you about the use of magnetic technology to improve health and healing. However, there are also a number of medical experts and scientists that do not agree with the theory of magnetic medicine.

Energy Imbalance and Negative Emotions

For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed that energy imbalance due to negative emotions can adversely affect health and well-being of a person. Internal life energy balance accounts for the balance of yin and yang, which is a major factor in health and wellness. Control your mind to control your negative emotions to avoid energy imbalance.

Looking at Portable Pulse Oximeters

Looking to buy a portable pulse oximeter? There are many great reasons to do so.

Biofeedback to Help With Emotional Health

Biofeedback is a relatively new alternative therapy however it is gaining a lot of interest particularly in the field of emotional health. In this article we will give a brief overview of what biofeedback is and also how it can help with emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks and ADHD.

Bowen Technique and How it Works

Bowen Technique is a form of touch therapy that has a number of applications that can be seen as effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. In this article we will look at how Bowen Technique was developed, what it is, how it works and some of the conditions it has been seen to help.

How to Avoid Armpit Sweat – Some Simple & Effective Things You Can Do to Stop Underarm Sweat

It may come as a shock but many people suffer from armpit sweat. This is a very common condition which causes a lot of odor, stained clothes, and can negatively affect your social and business life. In order to avoid armpit sweat there are some steps you can take to do so.

Are the CieAura Holographic Chips Better Than Energy Healing Modalities?

She was on the massage table receiving a BodyTalk session. As we worked she mentioned the benign fatty tumors she had called lipomas. I didn’t know they were there until she put my hand just above her knee.

Facilitating Healing by Restoring Balance to the Cells

Everything has a natural frequency. When a platoon of soldiers crosses a bridge, they break their rhythmic cadence so the frequency of their marching doesn’t damage the bridge.

Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Psoriasis

Know more about psoriasis. Find out what medication is suitable for people suffering from psoriasis.

Acute Gout Attack Treatment – The Best Gout Treatment Tips For Free

This acute gout attack treatment offers 5 free gout treatment tips. Learn how to cure gout now!

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