Breathwork for Anxiety and Experiencing a Natural Psychedelic State w/ Christian the Yogic Monk

New podcast interview with Christian Minson, leader of the breathwork program at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Christian is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Contributing Author, Trainer, Coach and Founder of Breathflow Wellness, a transformational holistic health business. In this episode, Christian and I discuss the three key facets of proper breathing, how to avoid overbreathing, and there’s a live demo of the “100 breaths” breathing exercise. To see the full show notes, please visit

Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements and Herbal Remedies: A Natural Alternative

Dietary and lifestyle changes are key to maintaining good health and managing cholesterol levels at recommended level. High cholesterol levels are associated with high risk of heart disease. Dietary supplements and herbs are another way of managing cholesterol at recommended level besides use of prescription medicine. This way of managing cholesterol is considered safe and cheaper. It also encourages changes to diet and lifestyle habits that are considered unhealthy.

Ways to Effectively Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a highly effective oil which is extracted from a plant native to Australia. This oil is toxic, therefore it should only be used for topical reasons and never ingested. While it may be a toxic oil, it offers so many skin and beauty benefits that it is impossible to ignore this small bottle of wonderful oil.

Is Shamanic Energy Healing For You?

Among the many energy healing approaches, shamanic healing is getting a good deal of attention. Energy healing involves the realignment of the flow of energy in one’s body.

How Reiki Could Bring In Significant Loss In Weight

When your aim is to lose weight, dieting might not always be as effective as you want it to be. In such cases, you will need to look for alternatives and this is where Reiki comes into picture.

Watch Out For Snake Oil Salesmen

Many of us recall those old Western movies. A covered wagon rolls into town and townsfolk gather around, curious as to who their visitor is. You didn’t get many newcomers back in those days; maybe two or three each year. The wagon’s canvas would be drawn aside and a well-oiled, not in the inebriated sense, salesman would appear. Very much like a politician at the hustings he would peddle his remedies to his naive audience. Naturally the community would be beset by health ailments; these are part of the human condition. You can assume that if you ask ten persons, of whatever age, they each have an ailment or several. What a stupendous market for the unscrupulous. The salesmen would carry bottles of what euphemistically became known as snake oil, hence the term snake oil salesmen. It was a potion that would cure anything from varicose veins to galloping pi-aka.

10 Powerful Natural Home Remedies for Kids

Kids face a lot of problems in this polluted world; ensuring their health is our duty as parents. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe from diseases…

Vitiligo (White Spots)

Vitiligo is not a disease, it is a skin disorder. It may be due to a condition of severe eczema, burns or body cells destroyed by chemicals exposure in childhood. It is also known as a discoloration and Leukoderma. It is not an infectious disease.

How to Make Kombucha Easily

Kombucha is a fermented drink that includes beneficial bacteria and yeasts for your digestive health! (Yep, I’m still working on my gut flora – LOL).

7 Benefits of Bone Broth

Beef bones aren’t just treats for the dogs anymore! We actually buy them on purpose from the local butcher shop to use for ourselves!

Natural Way to Treat IBS and Other Digestive Problems

Ayurveda has a very helpful solution for countering Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive system related complexities. Complexities in the digestive system cause IBS.

Alternative Herbal Medicines – The Advantages And Disadvantages

Before beginning on your voyage towards option recuperation, it is best to know the preferences and weaknesses of home grown medications to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth in tending to your well being related concerns. Home grown medications are generally thought to be one of the best arrangements that address a developing number of well being related concerns today.

Lemongrass for Nail Fungus: How to Get Cured the Natural Way

Nail fungus has been a common problem for almost all women, We tried several lotions, ointments and other OTC medicines but it keeps coming back. By the way, have you tried natural ways to get rid of nail fungus? Here is the simple solution…

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