Interval Hypoxia for Mitochondrial Rejuvenation & Improved Performance (Dr. Egor Egorov)

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Interval hypoxic training was a tool used mostly by athletes to enhance the performance. Now it becomes an effective, easy to apply and time-saving method to enhance the performance of everyone. In my presentation I will explain how you can use the power of the highest mountains for yourself. 12 years ago, we dedicated Cellgym and ourselves to the research of eternal youth, and we quickly came upon the unity of researchers and gerontologists that our aging is significantly dependent on our power plants in our body, the mitochondria. The degeneration of the quality of our mitochondria (automatically caused by our external living conditions) determines when we age and how we age. With the Cellgym method you now have the opportunity to train, strengthen and renew your power plants (your mitochondria) in your body cells simply and sustainably. You have 70 billion cells and per cell about 2000 to 3000 of these power plants. So, you have 210 trillion reasons to listen to my presentation. Cellgym gives you with short training units more strength, a better concentration, an increase of your fat-burning rate, and a better erection ability (male and female) during sex, which sounds like more fun.

Dr. med Egorov is working in the field of holistic medicine for about 30 years. In 2007 he came into contact with hypoxia for the first time. Immediately he recognized the importance of the application, which was little known until then. Since the first study (in 2008) and the results, his passion for researching and disseminating the Cellgym method and thus hypoxia has been burning. Dr. Egorov is one of the leading scientists in Europe on the subject of Cellgym hypoxia. Together with his 7-person scientific team (which in turn consists of renowned scientists from mitochondrial medicine and hypoxia research), he takes care of current topics that concern medicine. Currently, together with Prof. Serebrovska from Ukraine, he has published a study on Cellgym and its successful use in Alzheimer’s patients, which is highly praised in expert circles. He is currently writing his first book about the Cellgym method and its potential. Dr. Egorov will explain with his lecture at the Biohacker Summit why Cellgym hypoxia is a true SUPER Biohack.

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