Airofit: Breathwork Training (Mike Bennet, Airofit – Interview)

For a limited time, get the Airofit device at a 10% discount using the code AIROFIT at checkout! | Mike Bennet is an exercise and sport scientist with a flair for the prevention and treatment of sedentary lifestyle diseases. He is active in the prevention and education of how exercise and nutrition can be used to aid with certain health related complications. He is also the partnership manager at Airofit, one of the exhibitors at the upcoming Biohacker Summit in Amsterdam!

Alternative Medicine Physicians

Modern medicine is barely 100 years old. Before that, doctors did not have medical schools to attend, and they were trained by apprenticeship. Today, traditional medical treatments are taught in medical schools. Non-traditional, or alternative, medicine includes treatments like acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicines. Although herbal medicine has been practiced for centuries it is still not widely recognized and licensed…

Cold Symptoms and How to Conquer Them

Cold symptoms tend to be limited to the region of your head, so are considered local and of a mild disposition. They can be treated very easily, at no extra cost to you, or with very little extra cost. By treating yourself holistically, you’ll also be overall healthier.

Gallstones Natural Cure – Saving $10,000 With 10 Gallstone Flushing Tips

Did you know that gallbladder surgery can cost you more than $10,000? Learn a gallstones natural cure with these 10 FREE tips for flushing gallstones.

Apples and Acid Reflux – Does a Heartburn Cure Have to Be This Simple?

Why is everybody talking about an apple and acid reflux? Learn 3 simple and effective remedies for curing acid reflux. In this article, you will learn about a delicious home treatment for GERD and some other tips to keep you off the antacids that are only making your condition worse…

Some Things to Know About Licorice Tea – Find Out What it Can Do For You

Licorice has many medicinal benefits that consumers look for. Licorice root and root powder can help to alleviate bronchial and airway problems, like cough and common colds. Excess mucus production, such as in those suffering from bronchitis, can clog airway passages.

Find the Answers You Need in Alternative Medicine Magazines

It is uncommon to find physicians and other modern medical professionals who are knowledgeable in alternative medicine, therefore you may need to find the answers to your questions about alternative medicine through print and online alternative medicine magazines. Alternative medicine is quickly gaining in popularity, yet especially in small towns there are very few qualified practitioners of holistic and alternative medicine.

Gallstones Home Remedy – Simple Ways to Feel Better

There are thousand upon thousands of home remedies all over the internet, cures for every aliment you could imagine. Because more and more people are concerned with medications and surgical procedures there seems to be a growing trend for natural remedies and home remedies.

Finding a Web Based Alternative Medicine Journal

The internet allows us to complete research and find answers to our questions in the blink of an eye. It is quite possibly the world’s greatest and most efficient resource.

All About Crystal Healing Reiki

Crystal Healing Reiki is widely used by many Reiki healers. Their use aids in the balancing of energy within the body which in turn helps in the therapeutic process. Reiki practitioners use crystals because they can speed up the healing.

Herbal Medicines – Effective Alternative For Restoring Good Health

In case you are tired of the dangers and side effects of prescription drugs, you might be on the lookout for alternative methods of treatments. Herbal medicines have won the user confidence in the treatment of a variety of ailments. Many of these medicines have undergone extensive clinical trials and are considered safe and effective.

Natural Medicines – What Are They?

There was a time not long ago when anyone who prescribed natural medicines was rejected as a quack. But those days are gone. Today, more and more people prefer natural medicines for the treatment of a myriad of illnesses. But what is natural medicine?

Learn More About Alternative Health

From psoriasis to dysentery, alternative medicine is known to have a cure to all of these. Today, with a plethora of holistic therapies that is available to us and with each being a lot different from the others, it becomes all too important to keep abreast of the latest developments taking place in this field.

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