Why Stimulants Like Caffeine, Adderall, and Modafinil Are Destroying Your Sleep, Memory, And Brain

Why stimulants like caffeine, Adderall, Modafinil, and Ritalin are destroying your sleep, energy, and brain health…

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Homeopathic Treatment of Colds Which Are Worse on Waking

The homeopathic treatment of colds, flu, or indeed for any health problem, can only be effective if the cause is known (ie what was happening in your life when it started) and your unique symptoms which relate to the cold. Preferably, both.

Natural Treatment of Flu By Using Your Own Personal Symptoms

The natural treatment of flu is best approached by looking for the cause and then matching your symptoms to those of the most similar homeopathic medicine. The cause of any flu comes down to your immune system, or rather your lack of one.

Natural Treatment of Abdominal Cramps Looks at the Cause

The natural treatment of abdominal cramps needs to know either the cause or your unique symptoms t be effective. Preferably both. Then you can expect the problem to disappear permanently.

Mehndi – As an Herbal Treatment

From the eve of existence, the desperation to revive the attraction and charm of the human body has led to the inevitable discovery of vital and healthy herbs and shrubs. One of the eminent discoveries, which had been in use for more than 5,000 years, is use of Mehndi for treatment.

Relief or Wellness Care – It’s Your Choice

Chiropractic is needed to relieve pain as well as maintain wellness. Some people come in to get relief from an injury and some people just want to stay well.

Problems Alkalizing Your Body May Be Due to Yeast, Fungus and Mold in Your Diet!

Eliminating foods and substances containing yeast, fungus and mold may be what is needed for you to reach the body pH level you are seeking. Yeast leads to fungus and fungus leads to mold. Mold in turn results in nasty toxins in the body that disease, pain and ailments feed on.

Chinese Approach to Digestive Health

Chinese medicine is based on the concept of balance and harmony between “yin” and “yang.” Chinese medicine has a different approach to digestive health. In Chinese medicine, optimum digestive health is contingent on the balance of “yin” and “yang” expressed in the harmony and efficient functioning of the spleen, the stomach, and the liver. The root cause of IBS is the disharmony between the spleen and the liver.

Discover Best Yeast Infection Natural Treatment to Cure Recurrent Candidiasis

Having recurrent yeast infection is really consuming a lot of time and requires best yeast infection natural treatment. I have been there once, but I am now totally fresh and clean from it. Recurrent yeast infection happens over time if you do not treat the problem root completely. As matter as fact it is possible to occur years.

Stay Healthy This Winter With All Natural Flu Remedies

Natural flu remedies can work as an immunity booster. They can help you in minimizing the melancholy effects if the flu hits you. Approximately 50 percent of the people in India get affected by flu or other disease. You can keep yourself safe from flu with little prevention. During the winter season flu affects the most people. If you feel you are attacked by flu and are feeling very sick or unhealthy, then without wasting anytime treat yourself. Take the guidance of professionals if required. Try not to take antibiotics which are not effective on flu. Through the help of natural remedies you can overcome flu and the sickness.

Vitiligo Cured With Homeopathy

The cases of vitiligo or leucoderma have always proved tricky to treat. The key to treatment is the constitutional remedy.

How to Successfully Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the Natural Way

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the ‘mystery’ diseases of the last 25 years because of the difficulty that the medical community has had in understanding its root causes as well as how to treat the illness. Many people who suffer with the symptoms of CFS have had to leave no stone unturned in finding adequate medical support and treatment protocols that provide some relief from the oftentimes seriously debilitating health problems.

How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating – Proven Tips to Stop Sweating and Feel Cool and Comfortable

Nothing turns off people more than the sight of wet underarms. This couldn’t have been more true when you’re having a date with someone in some fancy restaurant, all dressed up and groomed but visibly sweating in the armpits. There is no magic trick on how to stop excessive underarm sweating. It takes more than a single solution. You would have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle if you want to live a sweat-free life.

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