Why Raw Feeding for Cats & Dogs is Best (Vet Tips) • Dr Nick Thompson

Listen to Dr Nick Thompson, Holistic Vet, explain why a species-appropriate raw food diet is beneficial to cats and dogs + tips about where & how to start.

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In today’s interview, we get a chance to talk about how cats and dogs have evolved to eat a specific diet and why feeding them processed canned food or kibble is detrimental.

By going back to a diet that is natural to them we see benefits very quickly and it is hard to ignore the positive results in their overall health, energy and even their poop, which is better formed!

If you know someone who is interested in finding out more about why they should be feeding their cat/dog a natural raw food, or anyone interested in some simple tips on how to start and the best ways to transition their pet, this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview with Nick as he guided us through the logic behind feeding a raw food diet to cats and dogs. For those of us who are new to raw feeding and are a bit wary about harming our pets because we are unsure of where to start, Nick simplified the process with easy tips and advice anyone can follow.

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