Why Natural Stacks Tests Supplement Ingredient Quality • Roy Krebs

Listen to Roy Krebs from Natural Stacks explain why an open-source supplement company is the best for consumers + nootropic tips.

Roy is a co-founder of Natural Stacks & passionate about promoting open-source supplements.

Roy shares some of his top tips on why consumers should know where their supplement ingredients are coming from & how those ingredients are being tested for quality.

He helps to explain the idea behind open source supplements and why Natural Stacks were the first company in the world to adopt this unique approach.

We also go into the usage protocols of some of the nootropics and supplements from Natural Stacks like their new Myco range.

If you like buying & using supplements you’ll benefit from what Roy shares about the supplement industry – find out what to watch out for.

He helps to explain the full process from how to source the best ingredients, correct nutritional label information & more.

I also discuss with Roy about Natural Stacks product range including their flagship product CILTEP, and their new medicinal mushrooms called the Myco range.

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