Why I don’t do OMAD Every Day (One Meal a Day, Alternate Day Fasting, and Hormesis)

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Natural Acid Reflux Cure – Naturally Put a Stop to the Stomach Acid, Heartburn Pains, & Other Issues

Millions of people are affected by acid reflux, making it a very common condition. This common condition takes place when acid and other fluids in your stomach move out of the stomach and travels up to the esophagus. When this takes place it will cause irritation and inflammation which is what produces the burning symptoms associated with this condition known as heartburn.

Alternative Medicine – The Road to Here

It wasn’t too long ago that doctors who used alternative medicine methods of healing patients were labeled quacks. In fact, I remember the funny looks from fellow colleagues when I told them I thought herbal products and supplements had a lot to offer traditional medicine!

Cure For Nail Fungus – How to Find One That Works

Your fingernails and your toenails can develop fungus. The toenails are the main target for this type of fungus because of the dark, warm environment the shoes provide.

Herbs As an Alternative Medicine

Herbal remedies are seen by some as a treatment to be preferred to chemical medications, which have been industrially produced. The word drug itself comes from the Dutch word “druug” which means, “dried plant.” All plants produce chemical compounds as part of their normal metabolic activities. Many alkaloids found in plants have dramatic effects on the central nervous system.

Quick Toenail Fungus Cures

Toenail fungus can be very hard to eliminate. This type of fungus can get under your toenails where it will thrive and spread.

Pain Management Through Hypnosis

People have many different ways of dealing with pain. The process of handling and fighting pain is called pain management.

Discover the Best Home Toenail Fungus Treatment

Millions of people suffer from toenail fungus. This type of fungus loves a warm and dark environment which makes the toenails the perfect medium for this fungus to grow. Those who wear shoes in hot and moist climates can have a problem with toenail fungus. The fingernails can become infected with fungus also but the toenails are more common site. If you have noticed a change in the appearance of your toenails, and you think it may be a fungus, read on to learn more about toenail fungus treatment.

How to Put an End to Excessive Underarm Perspiration Without Surgery

Also referred to as excessive underarm sweating, excessive underarm perspiration is caused by a medical condition known as hyperhydrosis. This condition is more common than most people may believe, and it can definitely cause a great deal of embarrassment and frustration for the people suffering from it.

Cancer is Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism

What you are about to read may rock or even dismantle the very foundation of your beliefs about your body, health and healing. The title, “Cancer Is Not a Disease” may be unsettling for many, provocative to some, but encouraging for all. However, it will serve as a revelation for those who are sufficiently open-minded to consider the possibility that cancer and other debilitating illnesses are not actual diseases, but desperate and final attempts by the body to stay alive for as long as circumstances permit.

Toenail Fungus Cure – You Have Options For a Complete Cure

Toenail fungus cure is related to an unpleasant or painful condition developed in the toe nail or finger nail. Though the nail fungus is annoying and ugly looking, it is not anything like just manageable problems of the body.

Natural Treatment For Me – Affordable, Effective and Easy to Use

Natural treatment for me or for anyone, should be easy to use, effective and affordable. There are few options which cover all this, but there is one which is outstanding in its ability to deliver in all three areas.

Natural Healing Education – Distance Learning For Basic Homeopathy

Natural healing education comes in a variety of teaching methods, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. It also comes in a variety of modalities. With some of these modalities, it is impossible to learn them without attending physical classes, but you can learn some at a distance.

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