Where Do Your Functional Mushrooms Come From? (Eric Puro)

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Eric Puro is an ex corporate consultant turned biohacker, a father of three, and experienced entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of KÄÄPÄ Biotech (@kaapabiotech2002 ) a biotechnology company at the forefront of scientific knowledge about fungi and their support for human health. In this role he has taken mushroom cultivation to the next level and developed new quality standards for the industry. Eric is a member of the executive committee of the International Medicinal Mushroom Society. BBC radio, NutraIngredients, Nutraceutical Business Review and Nutrition Insight have interviewed him, and he has visited i.e. Biohacker’s Live Show, Decoding Superhuman, Siim Land Podcast, The Permaculture Podcast and The M Word.

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Natural Remedies For Menstrual Cramp Relief

Technology has afforded us a great number of advancements — pain and even discomfort management being among the many. However, when it comes to relieving menstrual cramps, or any type of pain for that matter, sometimes the best relief comes from age-old medicines and herbs, rather than from the highly commercialized pharmaceutical industry.

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies – 3 Essential Tips For Preventing Acid Reflux!

3 simple things you can change to prevent acid reflux from bothering you ever again. People often look for natural acid reflux remedies in areas like Chinese medicine or some so far unknown herb, but the fact is that just by making small but consistent lifestyle changes you can prevent and cure acid reflux.

Heartburn Natural Remedies – Tips For Creating Your Own Natural Heartburn Remedy

How to create your own heartburn natural remedies by keeping track of your meals and preparing your own food instead of using pre-packaged foods? Making sure to prepare your own meals can have many benefits and reducing the chance of heartburn is just one of them. You can also save money, lose weight and even have great fun while cooking healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Best Natural Cure For Nail Fungus – Get Rid of Nail Fungus Using the Natural Cure

Every person has its own way of choosing which among the numerous treatment options is best for toenail fungal problems; professional advices of physicians are always regard as the most trusted methods of treatment, but the skyrocketing cost of medicines nowadays compelled some people to use natural cure for nail fungus. Consequently, a lot of home remedies emerge, which provide better alternative solutions to this condition.

Remedy For Acid Reflux – Finding the Right Acid Reflux Remedy

Causes of acid reflux vary, and some remedies will not work for all causes or can even cause more damage. For this reason it is essential to choose the right remedy for acid reflux or risk further esophageal damage and other health complications.

Boost Your Fertility With Some of the Best Known Herbs

We all know that naturopathy is just gaining a lot of popularity at the present time. It certainly is one of the safest methods to manage diseases and symptoms. You can take a few of the useful herbs that can in fact help boost fertility in both male and female. So, if you use these herbs individually or even as fertility blend like the fertility diet, they can definitely help with increasing your chances of getting pregnant and as you are certainly using fertility foods that are natural, so they may not be having any side effects.

How to Get Rid of Yeast Infections Without Drugs

Oh, those miserable yeast infections! Yeast infections are common, but commonality does not erase painful irritations and discomforts. Irritating and embarrassing. Although, women suffer primarily from these infections, men can also get them through sexual relations. Sex with an infected partner allows yeast to pass from one individual to another.

Who Can Benefit From the Buteyko Breathing Method?

Anybody who has poor body oxygenation (or abnormal breathing) will benefit from it. In order to define the personal oxygen content, Dr. Buteyko suggested a simple test: after your usual exhalation, pinch the nose and count your breath holding time, using a clock or watch. Hold your breath only until first signs of stress. When stress starts to grow, but you continue the test and try to push yourself to get better numbers, the result will not reflect your body oxygenation and health.

3 Secret Traditional Chinese Ways of Cleaning Your Kidneys Instantly

Your kidneys play an important part of your daily bodily function. Without it, you can’t clean your blood and hence you’re susceptible to diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, gout, and other major metabolic diseases.

Toe Nail Fungus Natural Cure – Eliminate Your Fungus With These Effective Natural Cures

Got fungus? Get rid of this unsightly disease with these effective natural cures.

Reiki Initiation As a Personal Development Methodology

Reiki Initiation and Self Healing can act as a high quality method of personal and spiritual development, and at the same time can often reduce physical, emotional or mental pain such as insomnia, depression and poor relationships. Reiki works on many levels including sexual expression, promoting a positive mental attitude and developing the positive expression of emotion.

5 Natural Remedies to Cure Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be one of the annoying things ever in life! Have you ever been on a date and you want to kiss them, but you have a mouth ulcer? It can be very embarrassing and humiliating. Medication these days can be harmful because we don’t know the full side effects to cure mouth ulcers. Therefore it’s more beneficial to use natural remedies to cure mouth ulcers.

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