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9 Tips to Kick Start Your Diet For Candida

You have decided that you might have a candida albicans overgrowth – an overgrowth of yeast – and you want to try an elimination diet to see if that alleviates your symptoms. However, you’re not exactly sure where to start.

Herbal Health – Important Benefits of Herbal Health

Learn about the benefits of natural ways to improve your health. Herbal remedies have been around since ancient times and there are countless ways to strengthen your immune system and treat illnesses in a natural way.

Wheatgrass and Soft Tissue Injuries

Most people know about wheatgrass and perhaps even take wheatgrass shots. But did you know that wheatgrass can be used to treat bruises and sprains as well as a range of other injuries?

Chiropractic – Who Needs It?

Chiropractic has been around for over a 100 years. In that time, it has grown and developed into a form of health care that, while still referred to as “alternative” by many, is becoming an integral part of the mainstream health and wellness industry.

Deeper Understanding of Sinus Irrigation

When trying to understand any subject on deeper level, it is always helpful to start with a lesson on its history. I have already written one article that goes quite in depth into that topic. After learning nasal irrigation’s roots it is very easy to see that when trying the neti method it should cause you no worries.

6 Very Effective Ways to Prevent High Levels of Cortisol

These chronic and frequent rises in cortisol are very detrimental to your mental and also your physical health. Find out how to keep cortisol levels under control in this article.

How to Bake Wheat Free – Cake, Cookies, and Bread!

You, or someone in your family has developed an intolerance to wheat. Now it’s your job to figure out how to make all the goodies your family loves without using your good, old stand-by – wheat flour. The secret to wheat free baking is to find a good blend of flours that give you the results you want.

A Natural Cure So Great, It’s Like Magic! Read on For Awesome Oil of Oregano Uses

We’ll talk about one of my absolute favorite natural home remedies, Oil Of Oregano! Read on to find out exactly why this oil is an essential addition to your medicine cabinet.

Ayurvedic Medicine – A Welcomed Alternative Approach

Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world and was originally practiced in India. While many of the practices and techniques of this alternative form of healing were documented, several techniques and therapies were handed down by word of mouth.

A Quick Guide to Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurvedic Medicine is not simply the use of herbs in the form of Ayurvedic remedies, gems and minerals. It encompasses an entire lifestyle that includes amulets, aroma, astrology, color, diet, meditation, surgery, yoga and other factors to handle an array of health concerns such as diseases, fertility, injuries and sanity.

What Is a Chiropractor and How Can They Help Your Health?

Informs consumers what a Chiropractor really is and how they can help boost your health and internal bodily system. They do a lot more than just heal pain.

An Alkaline Water Ionizer Can Save You Money If You’re Buying Bottled Water and It’s Healthier

If you’re like me, you’ve always known the importance of drinking a lot of water. Sadly many of us bought into the idea that buying it in a bottle was healthier than drinking from our tap, as well as more convenient. An alkaline water ionizer can save you money if you’re buying bottled water, save the environment and it’s a whole lot healthier for you. It is alkaline, an antioxidant, gives your body extra oxygen, is super-hydrating and detoxifying.

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