Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure (EMF Warriors) • Scott Compton

In today’s interview, I get to speak with Scott Compton from EMF Warriors talk about electromagnetic field hygiene (a.k.a protection, mitigation), plus the importance of nnEMF health awareness.

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We discuss the difference between naturally found EMF’s in our environments compared to man-made EMF signals (nnEMF) we live in now.

How those nnEMF can impact health, especially for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Testing for fields, dirty electricity in the wall sockets, how to help keep children safe when using tech at school, how to improve your sleeping area around your bed from excess nnEMF.

Go to https://www.emfwarriors.com to sign up for free to access their library of information resources plus to join the private Facebook group where you can ask any questions and have others try answer them for you.

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Weighted Tuning Forks Pt 1 – Acupuncture Meridians

If you are just beginning with weighted tuning forks, try using acupuncture meridians as a guide. The charts are easy to follow and with tuning forks, you don’t have to be exactly on any point or meridian, close is good enough.

The Incredible Benefits Of Juicing Wheatgrass

The benefits of juicing wheatgrass are considerable. But one benefit that is seldom mentioned is the fact that juicing wheatgrass is inexpensive. Of all the additional costs involved with juicing, wheatgrass juice is a bargain.

Natural Healing – What the Heck Is That?

Natural Healing is probably the most misunderstood branch of the disease and health industries in the US today. While it is a clear and well-defined concept based on solid science, it has been polluted and diluted by private and corporate interests who have successfully created niche markets around the natural healing vocabulary. Although that can be seen as an excellent example of capitalism at work and be admired as an example of advertising prowess, it does great damage to those seeking ways to heal themselves who get caught up in the distraction of the commercial agenda.

How You Can Stop Sweaty Hands

Most people who want to know how to stop sweating are inflicted with palmar hyperhidrosis or the excessive sweating of the hands. Although it is basically a harmless condition, it brings personal and social discomfort. It affects the quality of a person’s daily life, a source of discomfiture at social functions, and even causes difficulties at work. It may seem trivial to other people but for the affected individuals, palmar hyperhydrosis is a serious and embarrassing condition that needs to be resolve.

Alternative Cancer Therapies That Can Kill Cancer Cells Naturally

If you have cancer, of course, you’d like to win against cancer. There are alternative cancer therapies you can try in order to kill cancer cells naturally. You may combine them with conventional treatments. Learn more from this write up.

What You Can Do About Excessive Armpit Sweating

Anyone who sweats profusely would like to know how to stop sweating excessively. Sweating is a normal function of the body. It cools down and regulates the body’s temperature during hot weather or exercise. However, if you sweat excessively even though you are not doing rigid exercise, during cold weathers, or even if you are only lounging down, you may have hyperhidrosis.

Medicinal Properties of Turmeric

Turmeric is a house hold spice in India. It is used in every salt and spiced dish. Turmeric is a common home remedy for many ailments like wounds, cough, cold etc. It is also used as a main ingredient in many home made face packs and other beauty preparations. Ayurveda acaharyas have coined many Sanskrit names in praise of its physical appearance and medicinal properties.

The 3 Major Health Benefits of Using Forever Bee Propolis Products

Telling someone about bees and bee hives in any way can either cause fear or intrigue. Bee produced honey on the other hand brings a sweet smile to most. Many people fear the sting of any insect, but many really fear a bee sting. However there is more to consider when it comes to our little friends, especially when it comes to health and what the bee can do for your health. Most of us have already heard about honey and pollen, but there are is something else to consider when thinking about these interesting little insects, and that’s the Propolis they make which Forever has taken and created their famous Bee Propolis supplements.

Why Semantics Matter: The Adrenal Fatigue Debate Rages On

Years of research on the topics of stress and cortisol have provide evidence that low cortisol states exist and contribute to disease formation. In fact, up to 25% of all stress related bodily disorders (PTSD, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.) are associated with low cortisol states. However, the medical terminology used to describe low cortisol has everything to do with acceptance of, proper diagnosis of, and evidence based treatment for this condition. There is a gaping chasm between conventional and integrative medicine on the topic of stress related disease. The ‘black and white’ mentality of conventional training reinforces the ‘what’ behind disease but rarely provides insight into the ‘how’ and ‘why’. My integrative medicine training allowed me to embrace all the shades of gray that exist between black and white. Convergence of the diametrically opposed conventional and integrative medical factions is inevitable. However, in the interim, millions of people suffering from symptoms of low cortisol (hypocortisolism) will remain undiagnosed at the hands of their conventional health care providers and will therefore self treat as they continue to seek medical advice and purchase the nutritional supplements from the internet based ‘adrenal fatigue’ gurus, many of whom lack MD degrees.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Nature’s Immune System Boosters

Mushrooms have been used for a thousands of years for food and for medicine. In Asia people have known the power of medicinal mushrooms for quite some time. Lately the health benefits of these mushrooms have been noticed in the western countries. The possible uses include cancer prevention and treatment, immune system boosting and diabetes.

Are You Tired of Being Tired?

I’m not the type of person who aims to inspire people to think they have a certain disease or disorder. However, there are some “conditions” that are rampant in our society due to the lifestyle we tend to lead. Vitamin D deficiency is one of them but so is Adrenal Fatigue. Since so many of my clients complain about their lack of energy, I thought I would provide some information about this (very reversible) condition.

Origins of Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese philosophy for better health with use of a form of martial arts that has been around since the Stone Age. Over time this has gradually grown into an exercise or skill to train both the body and mind. Qigong simply can be broken into two words.

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