Vessi Jalkanen: Improving Immunity With Optimized Sitting

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“How we sit tells a lot about our health”

Vessi considers himself exceptionally lucky or blessed to have had a life in such developed, peaceful, and varying conditions, where his skills and knowledge have had support and encouragement to grow. Innovation skills come from genes, growing on a farm free life, and good education.

All these conditions have given him a unique variety and depth of skills, experiences, and knowledge.

Vessi has had a deep interest in the human body and health since teen ages. He has made and keeps making numerous personal tests on himself for decades. He has self-studied anatomy and physiology which is connected to sitting most profoundly and developed several thoughts and theories about optimum working conditions.

Learn how to optimize sitting health with Vessi!

Do Herbal Remedies and Supplements Improve Brain Memory?

There are various brain tonics available in market to enhance brain memory power. Most of these herbal remedies are also capable to relieve stress and tension from your life.

Cure Insomnia Or Sleeplessness With The Right Herbal Remedy

Insomnia, if not cured in early stages may lead to several health complications. Know the herbal remedies to cure insomnia naturally.

Best Herbal Insomnia Cure Is Available Now

Insomnia is a major villain for the healthy functioning of body. Know the best herbal cure for sleeplessness.

Ayurveda Gives New Meaning to Clean Eating

Ayurveda, what? Well, don’t be surprised when people ask you just what that gibberish thing you just said. It is very evident in the way of life of most people nowadays that they don’t know what Ayurveda is Ayurveda is the science of life and a holistic approach in healing the body and mind and regards food as a medicine. Ayurveda offers tips for “clean” eating as per individual’s unique body constitution. This means you will be able to achieve and maintain good health just with eating foods that are right for you to maintain your body’s balance and energy.

Natural Cures and Remedies Can Have Side Effects

There are many ways to detox the body. Some good and some not worth the money they cost.

Radionics Devices and the Uses of Them – An Amazing Technology

In the theory of radionics, living organisms radiate a field of electro-magnetic energy that differs whether the subject is healthy or in a diseased condition. Radionic machines are used to rate energy patterns by calibrating numerical values on the dials of the machine. Read on to find out more!

Self-Healing Techniques – Heal Physically and Emotionally

Whether you need to physically or emotionally heal yourself, you will be interested to learn and begin implementing various self-healing techniques. Read on to find out more!

The Hawaiian Secret Meditation of Ho’Oponopono – Find Personal Healing

One of the most common causes of mental, emotional, and physical illness is guilt. The ancient healer-priests, called Kahunas, of Hawaii discovered this centuries ago. To make things right again, the Kahunas practiced Ho’oponopono, the ritual of healing. Read on to find out more!

Improve Eyesight Fast

Do you want to improve your eyesight naturally? Most opticians believe that there are only two ways to improve your vision – eye surgery and glasses, but there are other methods to help your eyesight which costs less money. This natural method is not quick or easy, it takes at least half an hour each day and takes a few months before you see significant improvement but the results are well worth it.

How to Get Rid of That Bloated Feeling

There are many factors that can contribute to the fact that you feel bloated, but here are few things you can do to relieve that feeling. If you look at your feelings of bloat as your body’s way of asking for lighter foods and a rest from heavy eating, you’ll learn to recognize the signs of what I call ‘digestion fatigue’ sooner and you can nip the bloating cycle in the bud with a lighter day here and there, maintaining your body’s water balance more easily.

Medical Benefits of Agnus Castus

Vitex agnus-castus, commonly known as the Chaste Berry or Monk’s Pepper, is a native of the Mediterranean region. It is also be found in multiple tropical and sub-tropical regions. The plant bears blue flowers that have a strong aroma. The seeds of the plant have a pepper like quality and can be used as a mild spice. The true benefit of the plant lies in the herbal medicine that is derived from it. It can be used to cure or alleviate a wide range of gynecological problems. It can also help alleviate health disorders associated with age.

How to Help to Make Your Home Healthy

When you’re in your own house, you get to control the quality of the air you inhale. Or does one actually? Unhappily, you will discover all sorts of contaminates that can creep up in your house and boost the probability of your catching asthma or respiratory issues.

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