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Types of Home Water Filters

When deciding on what type of water filter to install in your home, you’re faced with various options. Read on to find out what system might fit your needs.

Vitamin-C Rich Lemon Juice For Stretch Mark Therapy

One of nature’s best kept secret is the power of lemon juice. Research shows that this juice is great for a number of things, including removing stretch marks. That’s right. That humble piece of Vitamin-C loaded fruit on your kitchen counter is best for getting rid of scars (and other dark spots or marks on the body).

Help! My Feet Are on Fire!

This article discusses what Neuropathy is and the treatment methods for it. Often times burning sensations in the foot area is due to neuropathy. It is very important for this problem to be treated and evaluated by a doctor, preferably a podiatrist if the neuropathy occurs in the feet.

Use Head Lice Home Remedies As Alternative Treatments

What do you do when you realized that your child has head lice? Well, the first thing that you probably will do is to buy a lice removal shampoo, hoping that it will kill them once and for all. However, do you know that you are putting pesticides on your child’s head when you use a medicated lice shampoo?

Natural Alternatives to Aspirin

Aspirin is arguably the most common pain reliever in existence, but chronic use carries greater risks than most people realize. This article covers the history and safety of aspirin, as well as natural alternatives to aspirin use.

Learn How Colon Cleansing Alleviates the Many Dangers of Constipation

Do you have frequent bouts of constipation? While many of us don’t talk about this kind of condition, they do. Every now and again, either through just fluke of nature, or something you ate, things get stopped up in the colon system or you have a hard time flushing them out.

Some Possible Sinusitis Cures You Should Take a Look At

You might be wondering is there a procedure that cures sinusitis? Sinusitis is the condition whereby the air-filled spaces of the facial bones are inflamed. There are four sets of facial sinuses consisting of the Maxillary which are over the top molars and behind the cheeks, the Frontal which is behind the forehead and two smaller ones, behind the nose, called the Ethmoid and Sphenoid.

Cattail Plants – The Supermarket of the Swamp

Cattail plants are one of the most important wild plant foods around. The uses of cattail are versatile, for every part has its purpose. A stand of cattails is as close as you will get to finding a wild supermarket. In spring, as the cattail flower spike is developing, it can be tore off and eaten like corn on the cob. The cattail shoot has an odorless, tender, white, inner core that tastes sweet and mild. They taste like a cross between a tender zucchini and a cucumber.

The First Step to Good Health Naturally – Evaluate Your Health Online for Free

Alternative medicine is very effective in curing many health conditions, even those that the conventional system can not treat. However there are numerous alternative therapies and medicines available out there, like Ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, etc. It is important to use the most appropriate alternative therapy for your health condition – be it pain, menopause problems, blood pressure, acne or allergies.

FREE Software Tips on How to Maintain Good Health Naturally

The first step will always be to evaluate your health. There are some free interactive online tools and calculators to help you do that. Once you know and recognize your health condition you can go onto the next step of finding out about Alternative Methods of healing which may address this condition.

Homeopathic Medicine – The Art of Healing

I first got interested in homeopathy because I was taking supplements. I was body building and needed more proteins, carbohydrates, and etc… As I was looking for better and faster ways to improve my body, I came across homeopathy. Which at first glance looked like full of baloney and cheap tricks. But in reality, it actually works very well. As I’ve read through dozens and dozens of case by case studies, homeopathy does work and sometimes it works where western or modern medicine fails.

Ginger – A Natural Remedy

Ginger roots are known to have medicinal properties. Over the years thee has been more awareness about its benefits as a natural herbal medicine. The ginger plant is mostly cultivated in South East Asia.

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