This Injured Athlete Beat All The Odds

Freeskier Pekka Hyysalo (born 2.9.1990) was at the early stage of his Professional Skier Career when the direction of his life was changed in one second. Having just finished the college studies at the Alpine Gymnasium in Kuusamo and the best competition season by so far, he crashed in his final jump of the season. At that point he was ranked in AFP’s ranking (Association of Freeskiing Professionals) in Big Air the 11th best in the world and also in Slope Style amongst the best 25.

The gust of wind made Pekka to over rotate his trick and overshoot the landing. He hit his head, fell into coma for several weeks and got a high energy traumatic brain injury. His chances to recover to the independent life were near zero and according to the darkest prognosis he was not to be able to communicate wirh outside world anymore. Against all odds and thanks to Pekka’s will power, resilience, never giving up and positive attitude he managed to fight back in to normal life.

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