The TIME of Our Lives – Benefits of timing in your day (Prof. Benjamin Smarr)

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Physiology changes in structured ways across time. Understanding the timescales of change to expect in data, and the relationships across systems and timescales within individuals, can be useful for reducing feature selection and more quickly getting to important signal when looking for change over time. But the way rhythms manifest in different people are different, and represent an under-explored frontier in biodiversity. We know less than you might think about even simple examples, like early birds and night owls, or ovulating-or-not. More subtle differences – like ultradian rhythm period and cross-system coherence – are only now possible to explore, but hold great promise for enabling more effective personalized wellness, diagnoses, and progression monitoring. However, the depth to which we can explore our more nuanced differences depends on societal trust and data security; two pillars that are currently not up to the task.

Prof. Benjamin Smarr works at the intersection of wearable sensors, time-series data science, and neurobiology, to discover new ways for individuals to know themselves, to recognize the deep diversity inherent in humanity, and to collectively contribute to more precise and inclusive state of public health. He focuses on women’s health and student well-being, but contributes broadly, from circadian ecology to human seasonality. He is also an advocate for the “Information Reformation” and “Democratized Discovery” as positive metaphors for transforming biomedical science in our age of distributed data generation. His activities have garnered global attention, from the BBC to Forbes.

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