The Perfect Water For Health, Hydration, and Vitality with Isabel Friend

Isabel is an international water advocate, speaker, activist and educator. She has been studying water for 12 years and teaching about water for 6 years in 6 countries. She’s the president of the American Water Trust, founder of Waterislife.Love, an advisor for the Water Innovation Accelerator, and on the faculty at the Extreme Wellness Academy. Learn more at

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Optimal Natural Health Can Be Easy When You Follow Basic Truths

Optimal natural health is probably widely desired by most of the world’s population, but most never manage to achieve it. There are various reasons for this. Once you are aware of these, it becomes much easier to take the necessary measures to achieve this.

Natural Health Solution – How to Find What Suits You

There are many and varied natural health solutions to every aspect of health care. What can be difficult to work out is, what is the best one for you at this particular time? To make this decision, you need to know what you feel most comfortable with as well as your basic needs.

Bronchitis – Natural Remedy – Discover the Secrets to Deep and Lasting Help

Finding a good natural remedy for bronchitis can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But once you realise the potential of one natural health modality in particular, you can limit your searches to within this area. This one modality caters for every unique individual, the cause of the bronchitis and your personal expression of it.

Owning Fire Pits Can Lead to a Healthier You

In busy times it is important to take time to decompress and think. Fire pits have an almost magical quality that allows one to calmly unwind from the day.

The Connection Between Fire Pits and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has grown in popularity recently. Fire pits have grown more popular as well. These two share a connection to an earlier time that is gaining an interest in the general public.

Ayurvedic Remedy For Excessive Sweating – Have You Tried This Yet?

Ayurvedic remedy for excessive sweating is a simple and practical guideline to solve your problem. It is an alternative treatment that is slowly gaining popularity for its easy to follow instructions and materials that are not harmful to the environment and most especially to your body.

Blood Clots – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Blood clots are a vital part of our body’s defense against the outside world. Blood cells and strands of fibrin combine to stop the flow of blood after a cut or scrape.

When Croup Becomes Scary

Croup usually affects babies between the ages of six months and three years. It is a viral infection that makes the vocal chords swell up and results in a nasty cough and a rough noise when inhaling air.

Attack Your Backache at the Source

Backaches are very common and are best described as pain in the lower back that is either severe or minor. The lower part of the back has to work really hard because it is responsible for carrying both the weight of your upper body and the rest of your weight.

Knock the Socks Off of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common fungus infection that usually occurs on the skin between the toes. It lives in the outer layers of skin and occurs in the feet because shoes create the right type of environment for fungus to multiply.

When Burnout Becomes the Center of Your World

When a person becomes emotionally or physically exhausted they might be dealing with burnout. Most of the time this is caused by work or a task that has become overwhelming (like taking care of children or a family member that is too old to take care of themselves anymore).

It May Not Be a Serious Health Condition, But Bruxism Can Disrupt Your Life

Bruxism is another name for habitually clenching and grinding the teeth together. Most of the time an individual is not even aware that they are grinding their teeth together and it takes someone pointing it out before they do something about it.

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