The Nutrition Webinar

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On Thursday 13th of April (4pm London/ 6pm Helsinki), it is time to dive deep to the world of nutrition! Dr. Olli Sovijärvi will take us to a journey to the comprehensive world of nutrition with the many essential ingredients included: vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and all other essential areas!

We will cover topics such as:
– Fat-soluble & water-soluble vitamins
– Microelements & minerals
– Fatty acids
– Amino acids & carbohydrates
– Antioxidants & oxidative stress
– How to measure & quantify your nutritional state
And MUCH, much more…

Join us with this unique webinar and hack your nutritional status for good! And don’t forget that Dr. Sovijärvi is here here to answer to any of your questions you might have about optimizing your nutrition!

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