The New Science of Emotional Intelligence, Unlocking Your Hidden Genius, & Conflict Resolution

Learn more about Doug’s basic and advanced Emotional Competency course, the De-Escalate video course, and his book De-Escalate by going to That link saves you $800 of his Emotional Competency courses.

Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA left a successful career as a trial lawyer to become a peacemaker. His calling is to serve humanity, and he executes his calling at many levels. He is an award-winning author, teacher, trainer, and a highly experienced mediator. Doug’s work carries him from international work to helping people resolve deep interpersonal and ideological conflicts to training life inmates to be peacemakers and mediators in maximum-security prisons. Learn more about Doug’s basic and advanced Emotional Competency course, the De-Escalate video course, and his book De-Escalate by going to That link saves you $800 of his Emotional Competency courses.

Revealed – How to Reiki and Best Reiki Positions

This very powerful healing and relaxation art is within the reach of everyone. Finding out how to Reiki and the correct Reiki positions is easier than ever, and much of the information is only a few clicks away.

Respiratory Infection Treatment – Getting to the Cause

The most effective and long term respiratory infection treatment needs to look deeper than trying to kill off the viruses. It needs to look at why your body is allowing this condition to develop and/or recur. Looking at health from a different angle may supply more effective resolutions.

How to Increase Height After Puberty – The Ultimate Tips You Need to Increase Your Height

After puberty, you are still growing. It has been proven that women continue gaining height until the age of 25 and men until 27 to 30. To ensure that you are growing taller and that your muscles and bones are getting bigger and longer, you need lots of protein, milk, yogurt, cheese and boiled chicken. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium are needed for your bones while water is vital to your muscles; protein and carbohydrates are needed for growth. This and some others are insurances on how to increase height after puberty.

Natural Heartburn Remedies – Why You Should Consider Homeopathic Remedies For Your Heartburn

Interest in alternative, all-natural treatments and remedies is growing considerably, mainly due to concern about the well documented adverse side effects drug based medication produces. So, large numbers of heartburn sufferers are turning to natural heartburn remedies and treatments as a safer option and to homeopathic remedies in particular. Unlike conventional medication which simply addresses the symptoms of the problem, homeopathic remedies treat all the factors that cause the problem and this article considers the benefits that this gives to heartburn sufferers.

Herbs For Pain Management – A Natural Approach to Pain Relief

Many individuals suffer from inflammation-related conditions such as neck and back pain along with arthritis and tendinitis. Using anti-inflammatory herbs will thus help to reduce the pain.

Excessive Sweating Treatment – One Key Aspect to Excessive Sweating Freedom

When it comes to excessive sweating, most people try to find a solution or treatment as soon as possible. By treatment they look into lotions, anti-perspirants, pills and even surgery or Botox injections. Unfortunately other treatments don’t even cross their minds.

How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating – Sweaty Armpits Can Be Cured!

Wet underarms are an embarrassment you do not have to live with! Learn how you can live a life free from sweaty armpits – forever!

New Research Shows Positive Effects of Chiropractic For Serious Diseases

A recent study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research is the first to show that correction of upper neck injuries is capable of reversing the progression of both Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. “According to medical research, head and neck injuries have long been considered a contributing factor for the onset of both Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease,” said Dr. Erin Elster, the lead researcher.

The Best Psoriasis Treatment is Homeopathic

The best psoriasis treatment is homeopathic. But to understand why you need to understand the purpose of disease. And why the skin is used to express disease.

Eating For IBS – A Dietary Plan

If you have IBS, it is advised that you follow a diet plan. Here are tips when you choose what you eat if you have IBS.

How to Stop IBS Effectively

If you have IBS, you should read this article. You will find out how to treat it well and improve it for good.

True Ways to Grow Taller

There are many people looking for true ways to grow taller. They believe being taller has many benefits such as being taken more seriously in business, excelling in their chosen sport, or capturing the attention of that beautiful person sitting at the end of the bar.

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