The Dark Side of Self-Development & Entrepreneurship (with Teemu Arina)

Teemu Arina is known for his outspoken mind about controversial topics when it comes to personal development and entrepreneurship. His message is simple: most people interested in personal development and achievements are either traumatized or have an impostor syndrome. Recognizing your shadow will make you even better at what you do.

In this webinar recording, Teemu will reveal the truth about The Dark Side of Self-Development & Entrepreneurship and share his best tips on how to thrive under pressure.

Top Ten Garlic Remedies

Adding garlic to your diet can help increase your vitality and general well being and even protect you against parasites. Garlic can also help boost the immune system and increase the presence of white blood cells. Here are your top ten home remedies using garlic.

Using Garlic to Cure Athlete’s Foot

Garlic is loaded with sulphurs and allicin which make it a powerful broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti parasitic herb. For thousands of years, people have been using the cloves as a virtual cure all and immune system booster. Garlic’s popularity has spanned different ages, cultures and continents and it remains popular today because of its potential as well as its availability. One parasite that garlic can help people get rid of are the fungal agents that can cause athlete’s foot.

Uses of Garlic in Folk Medicine

Science is catching up to what the ancients already know. More scientific papers are being produced everyday that show that the bio-active agents in garlic can help lower cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels in the blood. It also helps with platelet viscosity, and help slow the rate of blood coagulation. Garlic has been traditionally used for many different purposes

Garlic and Your Teeth

Aside from giving you potent breath, garlic is actually a powerful ally when it comes to dealing with toothaches. Garlic is a great natural home remedy for the pain associated with wisdom teeth coming in, abscessed teeth and tooth pain in general.

Home Remedies Using Garlic

Garlic has many health benefits and has been used throughout the ages to treat a large number of ailments including high cholesterol, parasites, respiratory problems, digestive issues and lethargy. Clinical studies have been done which suggest that a diet that regularly involves garlic can help a person lower their blood pressure, keep their blood sugars and cholesterol levels under control , and help improve their immune system. Research also indicates that garlic can help lower the risk of certain cancers including esophageal, stomach and colon cancers.

Natural Treatment Options – Healing Yourself at the Root

Using Natural treatment options for getting back your health. Acupuncture and Herbal medicine to help you live better and feel good again. How to get to the root of your pain and symptoms and regain your health and well-being, naturally without side effects.

A Few Ways to Hide Cankles

Because of the media attention focused on cankles as of late, many people are wondering about the best ways to hide cankles. For the uninitiated, a cankle is caused by an excessive amount of adipose tissue around the ankle area, which obscures the normal demarcation between the ankle and calf. Although cankles do not pose any real medical risk, there unsightly nature causes many women and men to feel self-conscious or insecure about them. There are a few ways to hide your cankles that will allow you to feel confident about yourself.

Turmeric – Ayurveda’s Natural Answer To Cancer

Part three in the series on Ayurvedic Medicine and the natural botanicals that have been preventing and treating illnesses in the East for thousands of years. For the first time in the history of Western Medicine, an herb has been studied by the National Institute of Health for its anti-cancer properties. Already demonstrating the ability to shrink tumor cells in mice, this amazing herb called Turmeric is now being investigated in humans with cancer.

Cure For Yeast Infection – Natural Yeast Infection Killers!

Persistent vaginal burning and itching? Constant pain and burning? These are enough to drive anyone crazy. Yeast Infection also known as Candida or Thrush is an infection caused by yeast and can be developed anywhere on the body and by both sexes. But it mainly affects women because yeast thrives in dark and moist environments. As an experienced former yeast sufferer for this article I will outline some of the cures that worked for me, as a woman. But as all these natural cures fight fungal infections they are successful to both women and men.

All Natural Sinus Treatment – Cure Your Sinusitis With These Natural Treatments

Even an acute sinus infection is known to cause a lot of pain. The infection is caused due to the inflammation of the cavities, which are within the immediate area of the nose. These cavities are known as sinuses and an infection in these cavities is more commonly referred to as sinusitis. An infection in the sinus could either be chronic or acute.

Herbal Treatment For Sinus – Why Herbal Treatments Are Your Best Option For Treating Sinus Infection

The worst part of having a sinus infection is that it is recurring and painful and this can make any sufferer desperate to find a solution. Sinusitis or sinus infection is caused due to sinus inflammation that results in the cavities trapping mucus. There are many treatments available that will help to alleviate the pain caused due to infection in the sinus.

Holistic Sinus Treatment – Why You Should Treat Your Sinus Infections With Holistic Treatments

Sinusitis is the technical name give to infection in the Sinus. Infection in the sinus can often be caused when the membranes in the nose are affected by pollutants, cold, allergies or exposure to dry or cold air.

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