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Keeping Your Toenails Strong

Dreaming of having healthy, strong and beautiful toenails? The secret lies in basic and hygienic foot care.

Reasons and Remedies For a Fatty Liver

The liver is the largest and most versatile internal organ in the body. It weighs about 1.5kg and carries out over 20O functions. Everything you eat and drink is absorbed by the gut and then sent to the liver to be detoxified and processed before it is allowed to enter the circulatory system, to be carried to different parts of the body.

Get Rid of Stinky Feet

I suspect that the smell could be due to the composition of the sweat on his feet. Your son’s perspiration might be reacting with the fabric of his shoes and socks to create the awful smell. There could be bacterial or fungal growth on the feet – or possibly in the shoes -producing the unusually strong smell. If it were the sweat it self the rest of his body would have the same scent.

Natural Remedy For Herpes, Flu and Cold Sores

Yes, it is possible to heal your body naturally with this herbal remedy for herpes, cold sores, and the flu. Pharmaceuticals carry side effects and will never be as effective as herbal remedies.

More About Turmeric

In recent years, Turmeric benefits have rightly caught the interest of Western people with their finger on the proverbial pulse and what is emerging so far as Turmeric is concerned is a list of benefits and possible benefits that is extremely encouraging for those dedicated to seeking out and then evaluating the relative importance’s of the many safe, natural alternatives to drugs that are out there. The arrival of Turmeric in this part of the world puts the West a mere few thousand years behind India so far as that piece of vital knowledge is concerned.

How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating Quickly!

Excessive sweating affects many people worldwide and is a problem that can affect the lives of the sufferers. From heavy head and back sweating or even excessive underarm sweating, it is a horrible condition to live with. Underarm sweating tends to be one of the more common sweat problems amongst people worldwide.

Spa Treatments – A Wonderful Treat For Body and Soul

A day spa can be a wonderful treat for both body and soul. These days, there seems to be more than enough stress to go around. Here are some of the services that are popular at many day spas.

Use Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus Treatment

Are you searching for toenail Fungus Remedies that you can try at home while you are having an infected nail? If so, you are fortunate enough to come across various treatments recommended for curing toenail fungus.

Types of Alternative Health Care

The benefits of alternative health care have been known since the olden times. Even some doctors recommend alternative or holistic medicines to patients who prefer non-invasive methods of healing or has no longer benefited from conventional medicine and healing methods.

Alternative Health Care – Not Just For Hippies

A lot of people are a bit iffy about alternative health care, but what they do not know is that it is quite effective. Some doctors even recommend it. Also known as holistic medicine or naturopathy, alternative health care has been used since ancient times.

Does Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Help You?

If you have developed toenail fungus it is quite an unfortunate one as the nail infection can give an ugly look to others, including yourself. What step you are going to take is the main concern now.

Leech Therapy Or Hirudotherapy

Leeches are hermaphroditic ectoparasites of the class Hirudinea. The most commonly used medicinal leech is Hirudo medicinalis. The salivary glands of leeches is known to improve blood flow, treat soft tissue swelling, periorbital hematoma, cauliflower ears, ecchymoses and purpura fulminans.

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