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Gallstone Help – Foods to Help Pass Your Gallstones Without Surgery

Gallstone help may be as close as your refrigerator or cupboard! Before you remove your organ, the gallbladder, I strongly encourage you to try to naturally pass your gallstones with your diet or trying simple remedies.

Ayurveda in Kerala – An Introduction

Kerala Ayurveda tour is an important element of Kerala tourism. This traditional green state offers a wide range of Ayurveda therapies. People from all over the world plan tours to Kerala and avail the benefits of this holistic science. Apart from Kerala backwaters, Ayurveda is one such attraction that draws countless tourists every season.

Constipation Remedies That You Can Trust

If you have constipation issues, then the only thing on your mind is how you can start to get relief. The state of discomfort that you are in is almost unbearable and you really want some help. Your body is going through all sorts of problems and you feel really sick. You need a solution and fast.

Using Aconite to Treat Broken Heart Syndrome

This article is a case study on curing broken heart syndrome using the homeopathic medicine aconite. As it turns out Homeopathic Aconite may be an excellent first line of treatment in persons suffering a heart attack.

Many Different Alternate Therapies Are Becoming Popular in This Country

This article discusses a number of alternate therapies. These are acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, and healing touch. The caution, however, is that alternative medicine is useful when paired with traditional medicine and not used by itself for serious conditions.

Acupuncture As an Unproven But Still Popular Technique of Medicine

Over the last century, Western medicine is allowing the techniques of Eastern medicine to come into acceptance. One of the most popular of these is acupuncture and its relative, acupressure.

Living Better With Lemons

We all take our health seriously. The slightest little thing can throw us into a tizzy. Luckily, lemon can be very useful for treating a lot of minor health and beauty problems that can seem like giant obstacles in our lives.

About Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the use of natural herbs such as leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, and berries for therapeutic purposes. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese have been using herbal medicine long before history was recorded. Also, Native American and African cultures traditionally use natural herbs for their rituals and medications.

Antibiotics and Probiotics As Yeast Infection Treatments

There are so many conventional as well as alternative yeast infection treatments which are competing for your attention today. The most conventional types make use of standard medications like clotrimazole and nystatin, while the most popular home remedies apply extracts, oils, and other natural substances.

Low Cost Healthcare

It’s a common practice to consume a pill or lay down on a hospital bed when you are attacked by a certain virus. That being said, most people out there are struggling to cope with the rising price associated with the conventional form of medication.

The Story Where a Doctor Said I Was Wrong

Let’s go back to the beginning. We very often take our body for granted and assume that we’ll still be able to do the things we could when we were younger don’t we?

History of Alternative Herbal Medicine

The use of alternative herbal medicine can be traced back to ancient times. The lack of modern medical technology has made our ancestors improve their healing arts by making use of nature’s gifts.

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