Sound Healing and Gong Meditation (Jani Toivonen, FIN)

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Where to Find Colloidal Silver

Are you looking for colloidal silver? Wondering where you can find it? It can be hard finding places that stock colloidal silver. In this article we will look at finding places that stock silver water!

Does Colloidal Silver Work?

There are many accounts about the alternative medicines termed the miracle cure. The alternative medicine is colloidal silver, and more and more people are finding it as a benefit. The question is whether it really works?

Always Feel Burnt Out – The Top 3 Reasons You Always Feel Burnt Out & the Number 1 Fix!

Do you always feel burnt out? Did you know there are 3 major causes for always feeling fatigued and exhausted? Find out today the top 3 reasons you always get burned out and the #1 fix to start feeling better today!

Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is the condition of the mouth wherein the salivary glands do not produce sufficient saliva. Everyone may experience dry mouth if under stressful conditions. These occurrences are rare and short-lived though.

Dry Mouth 101

Occasionally, every person may experience dry mouth. This usually happens when a person is nervous, tense or under stress. But dry mouth could be pretty problematic if you’re experiencing it for longer durations or more often than usual.

A Plan of Action For Swine Flu

It’s hard to tell the difference between Swine Flu and the winter seasonal flu because so many symptoms are the same. There is a range of symptoms that include high fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body ache, headache, chills and fatigue. Swine Flu, officially known as Influenza A H1N1 is really only confirmed when a blood test produces a positive result for that strain. Swine Flu is highly contagious and we have seen it spread around the world rapidly. With winter fast approaching in the Northern hemisphere there will be many more cases.

Diet For GERD – Secrets For a GERD Free Life

For people who love dining out good food and good company will sound like a piece of heaven. Can people affected by GERD still enjoy good food and good company?

Allergies Indicate a Compromised Immune System

Allergies aren’t very pleasant to experience and can limit your life choices, especially in food and where you live. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get rid of them altogether. If you can, how?

Silver Water – Can it Really Heal?

Alternative medicine has become big recently. Over the last few years an age old alternative medicine called silver water has made major impact, but can it really heal?

Circulation Problems

What do intermittent claudication and Raymaud’s phenomenon have in common? In each, blood flow in the veins and arteries become restricted, jeopardizing the arms or legs. The late Ella Fitzgerald lost her legs to blocked circulation brought on by her diabetes. In 1993, the year she turned 75, Fitzgerald had both legs amputated.

Aromatherapy Can Help You Stay Healthy

Aromatherapy is the healing use of oils from plants for the purposes of healing and promotion of all around health. Centuries of work and practice have brought the art of aromatherapy to terribly refined levels. This article explores the effect of aromatherapy and essential oils on various parts of your health.

Garlic For Herpes

Despite the fact that pharmaceutical companies cannot put a patent on it, researchers around the world are still submitting reports on garlic’s amazing anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Garlic has also displayed antioxidant and immune boosting capabilities as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Since garlic is an all around disease fighter, it serves as a great natural alternative therapy for many common ailments including acne, cold sores and herpes complex viruses.

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