Shield Your Body From “Smart” Tech Radiation with R Blank – R Blank makes products to Shield Your Body (SYB) against EMF radiation from modern technology.

Inspired by the work of his father, Dr. Martin Blank, he started SYB with one goal: to make it easier for people like you to live healthier lives, in balance with modern technology.

His father was an internationally renowned researcher in the field of EMF health effects.

In 2011, his father began writing his book ‘Overpowered’, about the negative health effects of EMF radiation and he asked R for some help.

And that’s when he was inspired to create

The Most Effective Sweaty Palms Remedies – Simple Remedies to Stop Excessive Sweating Fast

Without a doubt, sweaty palms can cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. The medical name for this condition is known as palmar hyperhidrosis. The exact cause of this condition is still not known, but some experts speculate the cause is due to hyperactive sympathetic nervous system.

How Can Water Prevent Underarm Sweating?

Aside from being an efficient fat-burner and muscle-builder, water is also known to be one of the best sweat-busters. Bust the myth that this is based on mere hearsay, because water has been proven to prevent underarm sweating.

Three Areas of Health

Each of these categories offers celebrity endorsements and books/articles of conviction. We get swayed into one paradigm or the other- due in part to marketing campaigns.

Cure For Uric Acid – Flush Uric Acid and Cure Gout and the Pain

Have you heard of a cure for uric acid? Learn why a cure for gout is as simple as these 5 steps.

Western Herbs – Herbs of the US Northwest

What does the Pacific Yew Tree do for cancer patients? What about Oregon Grape Root? What is salal and how do you eat it? These are herbs native to the U.S. Northwest

Homeopathy With Sulfur

Ever wonder why that acne never goes away even though you have taken many skin applications, creams, ointments, facial treatments that all promised your skin to improve? Or your hair gets super dry, frizzy and brittle and it just looks very unhealthy? Why not try homeopathic sulphur as a remedy?

Western Herbs – Herbs of the Southwest

One of the benefits of mankind’s tendency to explore new areas is that we find new herbal lore. These herbs may then be studied and turned into new medications or new food plants.

Drinking Goji Juice – Are You Aware of the Unknown Dangers of Goji Berries?

Goji juice comes from Goji berries, an orange-red berry that is the hidden secret of the long lives of monks of Tibet and western China. For many generations, Goji berries have been used to treat hypertension and diabetes. But did you know that Goji juice has its own dangers to our health?

A Review on Natural Remedies

The number of people resorting to using natural remedies has gone quite high as the twenty first century progresses. Since many people are preferring to first use complementary and alternative medicines, therefore the number of natural therapy practitioners has also gone up year after year and you can find that they are now located in most areas unlike before whereby you would find one after travelling a long distance.

Why Natural Cholesterol Remedies Are Not Always Highly Effective

If you are someone who dislikes taking prescription medication, you may be hoping that it is possible to reduce your cholesterol levels through diet. Many people think this because of the serious side effects that some cholesterol lowering medications can cause.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong!

There are many remedies that people can do to naturally elevate the function of their immune system. This includes the elimination of eating large meals, avoiding processed foods and sugars, keeping your spine aligned via chiropractic care, consuming whole foods with essential minerals, and increasing hydration.

Ringworm – The Silent Invader

To treat ringworm one has to first of all understand that it is a fungus infection. The effective treatment is then easy once one has gained the knowledge about its method of spreading.

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