Ryan Lowery: Emerging Ketogenic Innovations for Performance, Longevity and Health

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Dr. Ryan P. Lowery, PhD, a 2014 national champion baseball player, earned his BS and MS in exercise physiology and exercise and nutrition science from the University of Tampa. Ryan completed his doctorate work at Concordia University in Health and Human Performance with a focus on β€œThe Effects of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet and Exogenous Ketone Supplementation on Various Markers of Health and Body Composition in Healthy and Diseased Populations.” Ryan currently serves as the CEO of Ketogenic.com, President of the Applied Science and Performance Institute, and has invested in several health-focused startups. Over his career, Ryan has published over 150 papers, abstracts, and book chapters on human performance and sports nutrition and is heavily focused on the impact of ketogenic diets and exogenous ketones on performance, cognitive function, and longevity. Ryan has received the Exercise Science Scholar of the Year Award, NSCA Award for Outstanding Presentation of the year award, and the National AAHPERD Exercise Science Major of the Year Award. Ryan recently co-authored the book The Ketogenic Bible alongside his partner Dr. Jacob Wilson which focuses on the science and practical application behind the ketogenic diet, exogenous ketones, and all of their potential applications

Natural and Herbal Remedies for Acid Reflux

Because prescription drugs can sometimes possess unwanted side effects, lots of people look for organic cures with regard to acid reflux. Additionally, most prescription drugs were not made to be taken with regard to long periods of time, perhaps while an individual makes nutritional and change in lifestyle which can be natural treatments for acid reflux disease. Herbal remedies with regard to acid reflux provide what herbal healthcare specialists know of conventional medicine as well as traditional therapeutic plants.

Energy Work

Strength, force vigor and power producing an effect. It may be mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, life force or spiritual energy. It is the synergist for all living things and systems to operate.

Best Natural and Herbal Remedies

Until now, physicians and investigator has however discovered the source of skin psoriasis, and the 100% efficient psoriasis therapy to get rid of skin psoriasis once and for all. Skin psoriasis most common signs and symptoms includes getting red, dried out scaly patches onto the skin, and often may cause white shades patches in your top very first layer of the epidermis. It is very awkward to walk close to socializing along with friends as the skin may have an unpleasant appear as your family member will have silvery-white look.

Excessive Sweating And How To Deal With It

Ask a few people of the streets what they think about excessive sweating and they will probably tell you “hey everybody sweats”. Which may be true, everybody does sweat but for people that suffer with excessive sweating every day of their lives it can be a really big deal. OK so we all no that sweating is a normal action.

Three Tested Tips In Passing Kidney Stones

Learn about how to pass a kidney stone. Should you confirm that you truly have Kidney Stones, the first thing you must do is…

How Do I Cure Sweaty Armpits?

In this article I am going to give you expert advice in order for you to learn how to cure sweaty armpits. This information will help you cure sweaty armpits fast.

How Do You Stop Sweating On Your Hands?

In this article I am going to give you expert advice in order for you to learn how to stop sweating on your hands. This information will help you stop sweating on your hands permanently.

Anti-Vaccination: Unscientific?

A lot is being written about the unscientific approach of the anti-vaccination lobby. However, for the average lay person there are several very good reasons to be weary of the current tendency to vaccinate against any disease which causes fatalities, however rarely.

Genetically Modified Food: Future of Food

A review of the Future of Food Documentary. How this film details GMO concerns. The ramifications of this issue and how it will change your life.

Hangover Herbs, Natural Cures and Alternative Remedies

In the midst of a morning hangover, society teaches you to take drugs (aspirin, for example) and drink a caffeinated beverage (such as coffee). While these drugs might provide some help, they also may have adverse side effects for the alcohol ravaged body. However natural hangover relief may be as close as your vitamin and supplement cabinet. In this article, I examined several natural alternatives to drugs, such as simple herbal hangover remedies, essential vitamins and minerals, and caffeine alternatives, all of which can help guide you out of your morning rut!

How To Find The Best Shaving System

Even though men have been grooming themselves since the beginning of time, the industry has evolved. In today’s world we are able all about the clean shaven look at one point in time, but going through the hassle of shaving just doesn’t seem worth it.

How to Stop Hyperhidrosis

How to stop hyperhidrosis is something that sufferers of this condition will want to know about. It is possible to use a range of different natural remedies to do this. Find out how to stop hyperhidrosis revealed here.

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