Prof Stuart Phillips: How Much Protein Should You Have a Day + Keto/Low Carb Needs

Listen to protein expert, Dr Stuart Phillips explain the basics of protein requirements to prevent muscle loss as we age & common mistakes on a keto or low carb diets.

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Prof Stuart Phillips, PhD is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair based at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

He is also:
• Director, Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE)
• Director, McMaster Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research

Professor Phillips has been studying the relationship between dietary protein and muscle health. He is focused on the impact of nutrition and exercise on human skeletal muscle protein turnover. He is also keenly interested in diet- and exercise-induced changes in body composition.

As we get older we loss muscle mass and this is called sarcopenia. Prof Phillips has looked at ways to mitigate this loss of muscle as we age. This includes how much protein should we eat and how best to exercise to grow muscle and maintain muscle.

In this interview we mainly talk about the nutrition of protein and how it is an essential macronutrient that we all need to eat everyday.

We talk about animal protein and vegetable protein, problems of eating too little protein on a low carb or keto diet, eating lots of protein like on a carnivore or zero carb diet and busting the myths that eating protein damages everyones kidneys & makes you too acidic.

This is a greta interview to hear just how important it is that we eat enough protein rich foods everyday and to hear how to know how much protein you should eat for your weight.

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