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Russell Hanson is founder and CEO of Brain Backups a company with the ambitious mission of providing non-destructive non-invasive brain imaging at the connectome level

Portable Oxygen Concentrator – Health Benefits and Its Advantages

People suffering from inadequate oxygen in the body have a resolution about their health problem. Having a portable oxygen concentrator increases the activity of the patients to exercise and do normal activities on a daily basis.

How to Select a Portable Oxygen Tank

If you are considering purchasing a portable oxygen tank you should consider what your needs will be with regard to making this device fit into your daily life. All of these tanks have advantages and disadvantages and you should take these into account when making a purchasing decision as to which type of device to buy. Here are the pros and cons of each type of device.

Portable Oxygen – The Benefits of Using This Oxygen Delivery Method

Using portable oxygen can make life much easier for many patients with respiratory issues. However in order to get the most benefits from using these devices patients should be aware of how to use these products. Here are some tips for getting the most from an oxygen therapy device.

Olive Leaf Extract Dosage Information For Candida Treatment

Olive leaf extract is one of the most remarkable supplements for candida treatment, and it has been proven by many researches out there. A woman with candida overgrowth started taking olive leaf for one day and her legs ached so badly. She was wondering if it was her folly, or the Olive leaf extract was simply working. It is probably to do with how you take the supplement.

The Importance of the PH Technique

When you do a great deal of reading through online you find out about numerous items that you just didn’t know prior to. One particular thing that you will hear a great deal about is pH. You’ll see plenty of internet sites on the internet which talk about your pH method and your human body and how you will need to be sure that you just keep your pH technique balanced.

The Life-Saving Effects of Music Making

Barry Bitman, MD, the president and CEO of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute is currently leading some of the most extensive research to date on the health benefits of playing music. His research team has found that music can lead to reduced stress and a stronger immune system.

Alkaline Body Balance – Drink Water to Fight Pain and Disease

You can fight pain and disease by balancing your body, creating a proper acid to alkaline state. Dietary changes can help, but it ultimately depends on the water that you drink. Your body is 70% fluid so it is important to fill up on large quantities of it in order to detoxify your body continuously and drive out the toxins that invade you.

Some Factors of Constipation Pain May Surprise You

People eat too much at the holidays and sometimes they make other changes to their diets that cause symptoms of constipation to surface every now and again. Actually there are a lot of other factors that might lead to temporary bouts of constipation like: traveling, stress, dehydration, and even using new medications can lead to some difficulty when passing stool. But, any time that constipation pain occur, it is time to consult with a doctor because that could be a sign of a bigger health issue unless you happen to be pregnant.

India – The Ayurveda Hub

Ayurveda, the science of life, is the oldest and the most holistic medical systems in the world. Since 5000 years, Ayurveda has been a rich tradition in the realm of medical science with its age-old and natural remedies for the overall wellness of the body.

Has Your Vision Been Affected by Sinusitis? Find Out Here

In uncommon however serious situations related to sinusitis, there could be an infection from the eye socket that could cause serious vision effects. This can be known as an orbital infection, generally causing drooping of the eyelids when the patient will lose some or even most movements of the eye balls. Presently there may be severe pressure put on your optic nerve, leading to ultimate eyesight loss which can sometimes be a permanent affliction in which fever along with other severe illnesses might be present.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infections Exposed

Yeast infection is something which affects men and women all over the world. Although relatively harmless, it does not mean that it should be left unattended. It can cause extreme discomfort and inconvenience to the one affected by it. This is why if ever you are affected by it – you should try to stop it as soon as possible.

Tea Tree Oil to Cure Almost Anything

Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries in Australia as an antiseptic to treat various types of infection. The aborigines have used crushed the leaves of this species of Melaleuca family of trees to treat infected wounds. It was often used in the Second World War to treat infections. The oil is distilled from the leaves of the plant using steam or water distillation.

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