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How to Improve Your Health Naturally – Ten Tips

Once you know how to improve your health naturally, you’ll never look upon illness in the same light again. You’ll never ‘buy’ into the fear around infectious diseases again. You’ll simply know how to protect yourself easily and economically.

23 Herbs That Support Weight Loss

Are you interested in natural herbs that can support you to lose weight? Here is a list of 23 top herbs that people have used to help themselves release excess weight.

Rash Relief From Your Kitchen

Whether it’s a bug bite or chicken pox, people who are itchy want only one thing…for it to stop. Here are some things in your kitchen that can help.

Colds Can Get Better, Faster

Do you have a cold coming on? Is your existing cold hanging on? Sinuses beginning to plug? A cold can be miserable but hopefully you can ease some of the symptoms and get through it with more energy.

Simple Tips That Explain What to Do to Increase Your Own Natural Body Height Easily

If you aren’t content with how tall you are, don’t worry. There are many people who are just not happy with their natural height, regardless of how tall they might be. Why would you want to be taller? Most people want to be taller because they believe it gives them more confidence which can be a big advantage for sports.

Lost That Loving Feeling?

Do you feel like you’ve lost that loving feeling? From a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, most imbalances that we would lump into the “sexual dysfunction” category would be considered a kidney imbalance. The kidney is associated with the water element, which controls the emotion of fear.

The Theory Behind Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese Medical Practice that is actually very detailed, though also fairly easy to understand. It’s hoped that from reading this article, you will gain a further understanding and be able to make a better decision regarding acupuncture.

How to Get Rid of Lice With Mayonnaise

Living in the hair of many different species of mammal and bird is a small parasitic insect known as a louse (singular for lice). This is an especially true for human beings. There are 3 different species of lice that have been known to live on human beings.

Glucosamine Cream Benefits

The glucosamine cream is a quick and easy alternative when you want relief from joint pain or from sore and aching muscles. Glucosamine is an essential substance in our body’s efforts to promote the health of cartilage and tendons. It ensures that the body is more flexible when it comes to its joints.

Your Ayurvedic Constitution – Are You Vata, Pitta Or Kapha?

In Ayurveda there are three different types of constitution or doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The three doshas represent the combination of the five elements present in nature: air, space, earth, fire and water. These elements combine to create the three doshas.

The Healing Power of Water As a Sinus Infection Home Remedy

In this article, I would like to write on how we can use water as a healing agent in treating your sinus infection. Water is the elixir of life, and there are many ways to use water’s cleansing and rejuvenating powers to improve our health and vitality.

Natural Flu Remedies to Help You Fight the Influenza Virus

Influenza is a medical name for Flu. The flu is extremely infectious and causes acute respiratory infection that usually takes place in the winter season. The flu can infect anybody from any age group, but children are affected more by this disease. It also infects people suffering from chronic disease and people whose immune system is not proper.

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