X3 Bar – 10 Minutes Per Day For A Complete Workout

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A complete exercise solution, that can get you far better results than conventional training, in less time.


  • Developed by medical device engineers to be far superior to conventional training. Here's Why.
  • Variable Resistance Technology means it only takes 10 minutes a day for a full body workout. Learn More.
  • Intensive 12 week workout and nutrition online videos included, so you get the best results. View a Sample Video.
  • X3 Owners LOVE their results. X3 has a 4.9 Star Customer Review Average. Read the Reviews.

Complete Workout Solution

Just 10 Minutes Per Day!

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X3 FAQ: How many reps should I do/What band should I use?

This FAQ addresses a question that's taken a lot of different forms. People have asked how to choose which band is suitable for a given exercise, how many reps is ideal, or how to tell when one should graduate to a heavier band. All of those questions are addressed in this video. The X3 website is:

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