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”Learn to recognize what is good for you”

Olli Posti (@olliposti) is a health influencer, the author of Supermarket survival, product designer at Puhdistamo & Taimi, and Communications Manager at Ketokamu.

Influencing the superfood space & wellness industry in Finland since 2007. Supermarket survival has been one of the most successful books in this space. Olli’s goal is to make healthier options delicious, accessible, and ubiquitous.

How to find food that loves us back, in a win-win-win way? It’s rare to find that in TV commercials. It’s rare to find it even in scientific studies or peer-reviewed journals. Most of those represent the mainstream, more or less. Quality Mindset is still quite rare, although growing rapidly in popularity.

What Is Bodywork?

The term bodywork is an umbrella term used to describe a massive range of tens, if not hundreds, of alternative medicines and therapies. These range from manipulative therapies (such as massage), to breath work (such as that used in yoga and meditation), through to energy medicine (such as Reiki). Bodywork therapies work with both energy fields and the physical body, and promote a mind-body connection.

Ginkgo the Anti-Aging Herb

Ginkgo is the oldest surviving tree and possibly the best herb to relieve the symptoms of aging. It is useful for the most serious diseases associated with aging.

Naturopathic Bath Treatments – Hot Foot Bath

Most people think that taking a bath is healthy because it removes dirt and impurities, and this is absolutely correct. But there are also specialized bath treatments that are used in natural treatment which add a whole new dimension to the role of bathing in health. Let’s take a look at one of the detoxing baths.

Stop Sweating Armpits From Ruining Your Life With the World’s Easiest Sweating Cures

I once suffered from sweating armpits. I hated it; I couldn’t even go out in public for 5 minutes without having to worry if everyone could see me sweating. If you are reading this article then I guess you feel the same way too.

How to Fight Against Getting Constant Headaches

Try not to combat your headache. Try to solve its origin so that it will no longer present itself. You can use EFT or another energy based method. Or do it with visualization. All of these methods can help you erase your headaches.

4 Proven Cures to Stop Armpit Sweating Permanently

Armpit sweating is something so simple yet it can cause major problems.  I know because I used to suffer badly with underarm sweating.  I used to suffer so bad that I would often wear double the amount of clothing so that the sweat wouldn’t show through my clothing.

Cancer Fighting Properties of Cayenne Pepper

Eating hot, spicy foods that contain cayenne pepper may help reduce your risk of getting certain types of cancer. The capsaicin found in cayenne peppers kills cancer cells and reduces the risk of new cancer cells developing.

Natural Ways to Ease the Discomfort From a Cold

Even though they are usually of a short duration, having a cold can be a very uncomfortable time. Fortunately, you don’t absolutely have to rush to the pharmacy for medications. You probably have everything you need right now.

Chiropractor Works To Alleviate A Variety Of Ailments

Your local chiropractor is a highly qualified individual able to address a wide range of ailments associated with the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care is non-invasive by nature and is able to effect positive changes in the balance of this intricate and complex support structure using a natural application of external pressure. For this reason recovery is a short term process as chiropractic does not rely on surgical techniques or medications to effect positive changes in mobility.

How A Chiropractor Can Enhance Your Health And Well-Being

A chiropractor is able to alleviate a host of symptoms associated with your musculoskeletal system. The most common symptoms presenting to a chiropractor are headaches, migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractic covers a wide range of disciplines and is a holistic approach to pain management and the alleviation of symptoms associated with misalignments of the joints and vertebrae.

How To Create Wealth Now – Teaching Others What You Know About Alternative Healing Methods

Teaching alternative healing is a way to earn income for yourself while helping other to better health. Not every type of alternative healing is easily developed. If you have the understanding and knowledge of a particular type of alternative healing, you might be able to teach classes on the subject to others. People will pay to attend instructional classes on some of the various types of alternative healing methods.

Guide To UTI Herbal Remedies

Urinary tract infections are the second most common type of infection worldwide. Because of this, there are a lot of people who are looking for effective, safe UTI herbal remedies as an alternative to the over the counter and prescription treatments which can cause side effects. This article will give you tips to follow.

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