Old Mutual Health Convention Cape Town 2015 | Low Carb High Fat Convention

Listen to experts on the low carb high fat diet (Banting diet) discuss the science behind the food http://www.biohackerslab.com/the-1st-ever-low-carb-high-fat-convention-in-cape-town/

It was originally called the low carb high fat convention lead by sport scientist and Banting diet advocate in South Africa, Prof Tim Noakes. Health insurance company, Old Mutual became a headline sponsor and it will now be known as the 1st Old Mutual Health Convention.

The Banting diet has boomed in South Africa over the last two years. I have patients who now “bant” and have lost tons of excess weight. I personally started the LCHF diet in 2012 with my Bulletproof Coffee experiment. My result was 15kg weight loss and a ton of learning. http://chiroclinic.co.za/blog/2012/11/20/high-fat-diet-paleo-experiment/

I wish I could be there to listen and get a chance to meet these famous speakers that I have followed online through their websites (blogs), podcast interviews and social media accounts.

The speaker line up includes:
Dr. Peter Bond
Dr. Stephen Phinney
Dr. Eric C. Westman
Dr. Michael Eades
Prof. Tim Noakes
Gary Taubes
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Jimmy Moore
ZoΓ« Harcombe
Dr. Ann Childers
Christine Cronau
Dr. Gary Fettke
Dr. Jeffery Gerber
Dr. Robert Cywes
Dr. Jason Fung
Marwan Abraham

For more information about the address, contact details, CPD points course, public day program and where to buy tickets online or at the event then go to the official website: http://www.oldmutualhealthconvention.co.za/

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