Nature Deficit Disorder 🌳 and the Pocket God 📱

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Yarrow Willard, AKA: The Herbal Jedi, is a second generation Clinical/Master Herbalist from Canada who spends much of his time sharing knowledge and experience around reclaiming wellness, and deepening connections with the natural world.

Professionally, Yarrow is the creator of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, and director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. He is an influential innovator in the Canadian Health Food Industry, who has developed and brought to market a number of successful health products. Yarrow continually delivers rich and original content via articles, interviews, social media and the over 100 absolutely amazing YouTube videos on plant medicine and humanity’s relationship with the world of plants and fungi.

As a speaker, teacher, entrepreneur and modern day reality hacker, he is highly engaging, dynamic and insightful. Yarrow’s message stems from the infusion of modern and old world knowledge, sprinkled with his own magic.

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