Natural Migraine Relief (Stanton Migraine Protocol Review) • Dr Angela Stanton PhD

Listen to Dr Angela Stanton, author & scientist with a PhD in Neuroeconomics, explain how to prevent and treat migraines (short + long-term) without medications.

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In today’s interview, we get a chance to talk about why some people get migraines, whilst others don’t.

Angela explains how the migraineur’s brain is somewhat different to normal brains; it needs more energy and is more easily stimulated.

Genetics are important, but this does not mean everybody with the ‘migraine brain’ is doomed to suffer from migraines. Environmental factors and diet contribute a vital piece of the puzzle, because migraineurs are also different metabolically. By addressing the electrolyte imbalance, migraine pain can be resolved and kept at bay long-term.

If you know someone who is a migraine sufferer and is interested in how they can prevent and treat their migraines + learn how The Stanton Migraine Protocol can help them come off pain medication, this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview with Angela as she shared so much information to help explain why migraine sufferers experience the symptoms they do. By knowing the underlying mechanisms going on in the body it makes it that much easier to understand and recognise warning signs and remedy them; avoiding migraine episodes altogether. I loved the tips she shared about how we can use sodium, potassium and water instead of reaching for that painkiller!

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