My Westerdahl: How to Overcome Sugar Addiction

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My Westerdahl (M.Sc Industrial Engineering, Manager in the IT-sector, Columnist @ is a former sugar addict who managed to take control over the addiction through optimized nutrition and mental training. In 2010, My had a weight of 170 kg (375 pounds), poor grades and was struggling with deep depression. By changing her diet and way of thinking, My manage to lose 95 kilos (210 pounds), graduated as a Master of Science and regained her energy. Her story has been featured in numerous magazines and online articles.

This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit Stockholm in May 2017. Check for upcoming events & tickets!

Herbal Remedies for Biliary Dyskinesia – 5 Herbal Remedies That Work Effectively

Discover how to relieve biliary dyskinesia with herbal remedies. Here are some herbal remedies that you can try to get relief.

What Is QUALITY Of Life And How Can Stem Cell Therapy Change That?

Quality of life is related to many things. These things can affect it directly or indirectly but their impact can be ignored because this is the main cause of generating complex diseases in our bodies. This quality is related to health of the whole society too. Good income resources, employment and peaceful living environment can affect our body directly. Mankind has always loved to stay together in societies because it provides much more relief and safety. Growth factors of our body are directly related to cell division and other activities. This cell division occurs in healthy environment. Thus quality of life is basically an outside parameter that is related to the inside parameter of cell activity.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Aging, HIGH Stress, Poor Diet, And No Exercise?

With the invention of more accurate and sophisticated medical tools, medical science has also developed new methods of treatment. There are thousands of medical research stations that are involved in experimental activities of various diseases. The continuous and persistent efforts of these researchers gave us a new technology that is called stem cell therapy. It is a revolutionary treatment in the field of cellular medicine. Normally, treatment methods consist of taking oral medicines, injections and operations in serious cases. These methods have been an effective tool of medical science but as compared to this new technology, these treatments were performed at macro level. While this new treatment is done at micro or lowest level of body.

How A Positive Attitude And Reducing Stress Helps Arthritis Patients

Although arthritis is a joint problem it can cause depression, anger and a sense of loss and low self-esteem in patients. The disease itself is not caused by emotional feelings; but the pain we feel can be triggered by feelings of stress and cause symptoms of the disease to flare.

Significance Of Drinking Water Every Day

It has become most confusing factor now days, how much water to drink daily? And why? Some of us says, 8-12 glasses of water is enough or 1-2 litres enough. Which one to believe, for better and healthy lifestyle.

The Difference Between Inhibiting Drugs and Natural Methods for Psoriatic Conditions

Knowing the basic differences between biologic inhibiting drugs, and stabilized allicin is key to understanding the difference in approach of natural extract and that of the biologic drug inhibitor. Each of these methods are ways of preventing the T Cells from attacking unintended targets such as the skin, and joints.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient form of treatment that is becoming popular today. The benefits are simple: stimulate the body to do it’s proper functions.

Moringa Oleifera – Alternative Medicine for Lupus?

The moringa oleifera tree is now considered by many as a miracle tree for its medicinal benefits. The trees leaves are usually used to make moringa extract which contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to contain anti-toxins, anti-oxidants and is full of the essential vitamins, nutrients and amino acids which boost the body’s immune system.

Homeopathy – Some Personal Experiences

There is a lot of controversy about homeopathic remedies. One thing I know for sure. If it works, use it. I have been going to a homepathic doctor for twenty years. Both of my children who are now eighteen and twenty years old, have been treated throughout their entire lives, by a homeopathic doctor.

Battle the Seasonal Allergies With These Tips

It’s springtime once again! But instead of being excited with the prospect of summer or plenty of sunshine, you are beginning to feel worried. Around this time you tend to suffer from running nose, watery eyes, colds, and sometimes coughs.

Be Human Again – Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Diet and Cholesterol go hand in hand. As does most illness, our cholesterol issues begin in the stomach. Animal fats and the myriad of unnatural foods that we eat cause a significant percentage of human illnesses. We have, though it seems, to have evolved into a non-food eating life form. We cannot avoid extreme illness if the current trend continues and increases. We’ve even come now to Genetically Modifying are plant life. It is plant life that is our last bastion of hope for ever lowering cholesterol naturally and becoming whole again.

Cancer Treatment – Should You Opt For Western Medicine Or Alternative Medicine?

Many billions of dollars have been poured into the cancer industry over several decades and the sad fact is that there is not any increase in survival rates for cancer sufferers. There is big talk in the cancer industry about survival rates for chemotherapy patients being a big success but these so-called successes are measured in months and not years. How can anyone champion the successes of western medicine when it costs a patient $75,000 dollars to live an additional three months, and those extra three months are lived in utter agony? This additional three months of agony is made out to be an overwhelming feat of medicine and it has only cost Americans 6 decades and billions and billions of dollars to accomplish.

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