My Homemade Gym & Equipment In UKRAINE (36kg Concrete Dumbbells)

🏋️Today I Will Show You My Homemade Gym & Equipment In UKRAINE.
I made concrete dumbbells 36kg each and the total weight of those concrete Dumbbells is 72 kg or 159 lbs.

👉Those dumbbells initially weighed 42kg each (84 total) and I had to cut them and make lighter so I can actually lift those, 😜

I also made my own squats machine and adapted it for doing chin-ups and pull-ups as well.

I’m also planning to make my own dips station in the future.
I will show a bit of my workout routine and will show my parents the yard as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Let me know in the comments section down below If you want to have more content like that or share your ideas.

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