Michel Lundell – Assess Your Ketosis With Breath Ketones

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Mechanical & Software Engineer | Health Coach | Founder @ Ketonix

Michel is a Swedish engineer that got epilepsy. Medication changed his personality and he found the ketogenic diet as an alternative. In the process of adopting the diet and creating a lifestyle in ketosis, he invented a breath ketone analyzer. While developing the device, the relationship between the different ketones was analyzed. Michel will talk about the difference between breath and blood ketones.

Performance Enhancing Wristband

Is there such a thing as a performance enhancing wristband? Apparently there is.

Magic Spells and Potions – Using Them for a Good Cause

Some people are engaging with magic spells and potions because they believe it helps improve their lives. When we say spells and potions, the first thing that usually comes into our minds is witch craft, right? However, spell and potions are not just about witches, witch craft or black magic. Spells and potions are also used as herbal medicines for treatment of certain illnesses or diseases.

How to Make White Magic Spells That Work

White magic spells are popular and are amazing. Even from its name, you will immediately understand that this type of magic is good magic. These magic spells are usually performed for a good purpose, and not to do bad things or for evil. White magic is even stronger than of black magic that usually cast for evil doings. Doing white magic has many good benefits, and it includes protection and prevention against black magic.

Dissolve Kidney Stones Quickly And Pain Free

Experiencing kidney stones does not have to be a pain in the abdomen and in your pocket. There are methods where you can dissolve kidney stones at a very affordable price, and treat it so that it permanently goes away.

Natural Armpit Sweating Remedy – 3 Tips Guaranteed to Make a Difference

Do you find that you produce excessive underarm sweat, no matter how hot or cold the temperature is? This is an all too common problem, and one that can be dealt with without the requirement for prescription medications.

Natural Armpit Sweating Cures – 5 Time Tested Solutions

Most people that are looking for some solutions for their excessive armpit sweating are looking for all natural remedies that can be done at home, for low cost and are easy to put to work. If this is you, these solutions may greatly help you get on the track of reducing your armpit sweating fast and as naturally as possibly.

Building A Basic Emergency Kit – Part III: Survival Tools

Building an emergency bug-out kit requires that one have certain necessary survival tools. There are a few simple, lightweight tools that every kit should have and they can mean the difference between surviving or not.

Different Treatments for Mild Versus Serious Hemorrhoids

If you are having a mild hemorrhoids, most of the time, it can be cured by its own without taking any medicines or go for surgeries. However, there is a big probability that it will re-occur. We need to know that hemorrhoids is caused by our lifestyle. It is good if you can make some changes to your lifestyle such as appropriate exercise and diet change to more fiber rich food. With this simple change, you will be able to not only cure your hemorrhoids but also stay clear from it permanently.

What Does Homeopathy Cure?

Benefits of homeopathy can be manifold, as homeopathy treats not any particular disease but rather restores the body’s ability to recover. Homeopathy helps the body to recover not just physically, but also makes it resistant to stress.

Why Homeopathy?

For a long time, while teaching me homeopathy, my Teacher constantly repeating a strange (at a first glance) phrase: “Remember, you will never have easy patients, nobody will come to you with just a runny nose. People will come to you as to a last resort, having tried many methods of treatment and having lost all hope of recovery.”

Choosing the Size of Your Crystal Singing Bowl

If this is your first crystal singing bowl, then select a bowl between the 10″ and 14″. If you’ve ever listened opera then you know that some singers can reach a very high pitch or octave and others have a very deep or baritone voice reaching a low octave. The size of a crystal singing bowl determines the octave…

The Acid Alkaline Balance Is Vital To Help You Heal Your Body – Drinking Ionized Water Can Help

Your body needs to maintain a proper balance within, which is the acid alkaline balance or ph level. Having the proper balance is important for a number of reasons including being able to stay hydrated, maintain overall health while you age and most importantly, to help you heal your body when you are sick or diseased.

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