MAXIMIZING BRAIN HEALTH – Live Q&A with Biohacker’s Handbook & Siim Land

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Time for Octobers Live Q&A! Would you like to have the brainpower of your beloved biohackers Dr. Olli Sovijรคrvi, Siim Land, and Teemu Arina? This live Q&A is your chance to learn from the best!

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A Cure For Sweaty Palms May Be Just What You Need

A cure for sweaty palms may be just the solution to a lot of the problems that you have been suffering. Some people have the problem of excessively sweaty palms. For them meeting new people and shaking hands is a nervous occasion because it might look awkward shaking wet hands.

Herbs For High Blood Pressure, Maintain Normal BP Naturally

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a silent killer and it can lead to strokes, heart attacks damaging the vital organs leading either to death or a paralyzed condition. Read this article to find natural herbs for controlling and maintaining BP.

Why You Should Consider Homeopathy For Your Injury Treatment

Why should you consider homeopathy for your injury treatment? Could it be because it is rapid, complete, non-toxic, non-invasive and cost effective? What is it that the sports pros know that you don’t? Should you look at how it works, or stick to mainstream therapies? Only you can make that choice.

Excessive Sweating – 5 Topnotch Tips to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

If you are just like the other hyperhidrosis sufferers who are getting sick and tired of putting up with excessive sweating, then you should finally put an end to it. Find the easy, natural and cheap remedies to this condition immediately. You would not want it to worsen and give you further social dilemmas, would you? Here are some tips you may follow to make sure that you get rid of your hyperhidrosis with so much ease.

Ambar – Composition and Uses

Ambar is a morbid excretion of the sperm whale and found floating upon the ocean or collected from the shores. Ambar is formed in the intestines of the sperm whale in response, it is thought, to the irritation caused to the stomach lining of the whale from the sharp, indigestible, parrot-like beaks of squid.

Muscle Injury – What is the Best Natural Solution?

Finding the best natural solution to muscle injury is likely to strengthen not only your injury, but also your tendency to injure yourself. This can mean the difference between going on to greater and better things, or falling by the wayside.

Ligament Injury and How to Treat it Naturally Without Surgery

Discovering how to treat ligament injury naturally without surgery can open a whole new world for you. Unless an injury gets to the core of the problem, it is likely to recur. There is a natural modality of health care which can address this, at the same time the injury is resolved.

For Chronic Sinusitis Treatment Try Using a Golf Ball

Try using a golf ball to cure your sinus problems. There are many natural remedies to chronic sinusitis. Try a natural healthy alternative to cure your sinus pressure instead of harsh, expensive drugs.

Knee Injury – How to Reverse the Problem

A knee injury can be just an inconvenience or can totally change your life style, depending on how serious it is and your line of business. An option that is rarely offered to you, but is highly effective and used by professional sports people is homeopathy.

Aroma Therapy – The Best Way to Relax Muscles

Aroma Therapy is one of those concepts that is catching up with the fast pace of the medicine field. With many side effects being discovered of the medicines that we have been eating for years there has been a paradigm shift. People now have more faith in the concepts like that of aroma therapy than any other way of healing pain. This therapy dates its origin in the very ancient times.

Did You Know You Can Cure Sweaty Hands in Numerous Ways?

Cure sweaty hands and get on with your life. To some people this seems more like a dream than an actual possibility. Excessively sweaty palms are a big problem for a lot of people. There is another name for this particular condition where the hands sweat excessively. It is called hyperhydrosis.

Learn How to Become a Reiki Master

Learn how to become a reiki master. If you’re reading this you probably have some level interest in learning about reiki or possibly learning how to become a reiki master.

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