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Basic Flu Remedies For Kids

Influenza is commonly referred to as the flu, is a highly contagious disease caused because of the RNA viruses. Flu is an infection of nose, mouth, ears, throat and lungs that at times may also lead to death. Every year about 35,000 deaths occur just because of flu. The most common symptoms of flu are shivering, high fever, sore throat, body pain, muscle pain, severe headache, cough, weakness, tiredness, nausea and uneasiness. When flu symptoms worsen it causes Pneumonia, especially in young kids, elders and chronically ill individuals.

Pneumonia Treatment – 7 Ways to Banish Pneumonia

Natural pneumonia treatment should aim to boost the immune system in order to fight off the microbe causing the infection. Natural treatment can help relieve coughing, breathlessness, fever, fatigue and sore lungs. It can be safely combined with conventional medication if required.

Stay Healthy Through Natural Health Care

These days there are still a lot of people around the world using natural or alternative health care products and most products work even better than those commercialized products. Even some doctors are recommending these types of products to patients who prefer non-invasive methods of healing or are no longer using conventional medicine.

Stomach Gas Remedies – Natural Remedies For Stomach Gas

In this article, I will list 5 important remedies for stomach gas. We are all occasionally guilty of overindulging in foods we know we shouldn’t.

Natural Pneumonia Cure – Vitamins and Minerals

An effective pneumonia cure is the use of added vitamins and minerals in your diet. The right nutrients can boost your immunity, relieve your symptoms and prevent further complications.

Ayurveda and Food

According to Ayurveda, digestion is the foundation of health. Eating a proper and balanced meal according to your dosha or constitutional type, can not only keep you healthy but also cure you. Depending on our dosha, some foods can be favorable, while others should be avoided.

Ayurveda and Food

According to Ayurveda, digestion is the foundation of health. Eating a proper and balanced meal according to your dosha or constitutional type, can not only keep you healthy but also cure you. Depending on our dosha, some foods can be favorable, while others should be avoided.

Ayurvedic Oils and Massage – Modern Healing From an Ancient Time

Ayurveda (pronounced a’yoorva-de) medicine and Ayurvedic oils is a treatment that restores balance to the mind and body through herbal oils, meditation, purifying the body, massage and breathing exercises. It works in tandem with the principles properties of nature, to aid in maintaining a person’s health by keeping the mind, body and spirit in perfect balance.

Using Echinacea Effectively

You’ve heard of the immune-boosting power of Echinacea. Learn the best kind of Echinacea and how to use it properly.

Pneumonia Home Remedies

Pneumonia home remedies can be used along with conventional medicine to relieve the pain and discomfort of painful lungs, breathlessness, coughing, fatigue and fever. The best pneumonia home remedies focus on providing good nutrition, rest and specific immune-boosting supplements.

What Are the 12 Biochemic Tissue Salts?

Biochemic Tissue Salts are an alternative therapy that is available to a large number of people. In this article we will consider briefly what biochemic tissue salts are and then look at the 12 that are used to treat people.

Why Coughing Can Be Healthy

Believe it or not, a cough is the body’s way to protect itself and occurs in perfectly healthy people. Coughing is much like a sneeze in that it is not voluntary.

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