Lost 39 lbs in 14 Weeks (Keto & Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey Results)

In today’s Zoom call Roxana shares her experience working with me on her weight loss journey utilizing my Keto & Intermittent Fasting proprietary method to reach consistent weight loss and to improve her health.
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Cure For Hyperhydrosis – The Wisdom of Ancient Times in Treating Hyperhydrosis

Because of hyperhidrosis many people are suffering from embarrassment and awkwardness. Due to hopelessness and despair they tend to succumb by submitting themselves to surgical method wherein the sweat glands were destroyed, interrupting the sympathetic chain, clogging glands with antiperspirant, injecting chemical into their bodies.

Online Natural Heath Classes – Choosing the Best Modality For You

Online natural health classes offer you the best potential for prompt and efficient use of home prescribing. This can give you the capabilities to avoid all manner of health disasters. But the choice of the natural health modality is important. The best choice offers you the most scope.

Listen to Your Body Or it Will Shout Louder

Our bodies have a way of communicating with us. They may give us pain, tiredness, an itch, or indigestion. All these are signals given by our bodies to get our attention in order to fix the underlying problem.

Online Heath Classes Can Improve Your Home Prescribing Abilities

Online health classes, particularly those focused on natural health, can make a big difference to your ability and confidence to home prescribe. Home prescribing is an invaluable asset to any family as it offers you prompt and efficient treatment in emergencies.

Sweat Problems – How to Defeat Sweaty Bullets

Sweat problems is very embarrassing and strenuous to deal with. Because it limits the person’s activities of daily living. Normally, people don’t understand the strain of coping and preventing sweaty bullets (profuse sweating) because it is something that is beyond our control. It affects many people wherein the hands, feet, or underarms are damp, sticky or wet with sweat from morning until night in different weather conditions. For some the cure for their sweat problems are by using an antiperspirant to eliminate wetness, while some are using a deodorant to eliminate the odor cause by excessive sweating.

Natural Health Works For You As a Whole Person

Natural health works for you as a whole person, taking into consideration all you habits, all your problems, all your life situations. Everything about you is linked. Nothing is separate. Therefore everything must be considered.

How to Stop Sweating Underarms – Different Options Discussed

There are many misconceptions in the past about sweating underarms that nothing can be done about it. A person who was afflicted by this condition feels so helpless because of that belief. Thus, it diminished a person’s quality of life that can lead to depression, anxiety, social embarrassment, and can destroy a person’s self-esteem. They tend to shy away from their peers rather than to face embarrassment.

Good Natural Health Solutions Should Be Timeless

Good natural health solutions should be timeless. It’s only time than can prove something to be effective and true. Although you live in a changing world, there are important aspects of life that are timeless.

Common Home Remedies Can Save Your Life

Learning to use common home remedies can make all the difference between being an effective user with confidence, or one who merely dabbles. Just because they are home remedies, doesn’t necessarily mean they are in any way inferior.

Armpit Sweat Pads – Practical Way to Manage Excessive Sweating

The psychological effect of social stigma on a person who suffers from excessive underarm sweating is a direct threat to personal and social identity of the person. Excessive sweating can lead to many embarrassing consequences. These include physical, mental as well as other consequences.

The Simplicity of Making Your Own Magnetized Water

This is exciting news to farmers, who love it, Environmentalists who love it, industrialists who focus on reducing carbon foot prints. Governments also love it, not even to mention the people who live in suburban houses in a city or town like most of us.

Sweating Solutions – Different Options Discussed

Excessive sweating is oftentimes concluded by many people as being incurable. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a medical condition and not a disease. It can be a symptom of underlying medical conditions such as gout, tuberculosis, cancer, hypoglycemia, metabolic dysfunction, a disorder of the nerve, etc.

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