Longevity Secrets Of An 86-Year-Old Biohacker With James Flaherty

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Hiccups – Myths, Mystery and Facts

What causes hiccups? Why do we have them? Are there any cures?

Alternative Fibroid Treatment – The Use of Dietary Supplements

Conventional treatments for fibroids sometimes leave a lot to be desired, with doctors very often advocating a “wait and see” approach. This is essentially because there is very little which can be done conventionally to help women with fibroids which is why many decide to research their options.

Homeopathy – Does It Work?

Ask consumers and they will describe homeopathy as ‘all natural herbal medicine.’ Most of the substances found within this type of medicine is commonly accepted as complementary medicine and are believed to be so diluted that there really is nothing to them.

Height Gain – What Are Growth Hormones?

Many who are unsatisfied with their current height would be intrigued at finding ways to be taller. Having a short stature can be very disadvantageous in life, so it is very normal for these people to find ways to counter it. However, it is best to know about one’s own natural body instead of impulsively order a height gain product to find out its possible side effects, such as the growth hormones.

When Herbs Weren’t Alternative Remedies

One of the questions that amuses me the most is “Why do you think alternative remedies work?” I’m tempted to answer, “We’re alive.” Read on for more information about when herbs weren’t “alternative medicine.”

Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda

Learn the Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda. What components does Ayurveda identify are critical for beauty? How can we achieve lasting beauty and find rejuvenation?

Complete Health Is All About The Quality Of Life

Complete Health is all about the quality of life-to be active and productive, feel good, look great and staying healthy for the rest of our lives. Our health is our greatest asset. For many however, it is something they do not think about until it is lost. Then, they are willing to pay any price to regain it back again.

Reiki Distance Attunements And Healing

There are some Reiki Practitioners who say Reiki Long Distance Attunement does not work. These practitioners usually have a vested interest in performing attunements in person, as they can charge large fees for the privilege.

3,200 Parasite Varieties Can Live in Humans

Many of us have a very limited knowledge about what parasites live in humans. We are even less careful about contracting them because after all, you can only care about contracting something you know about. It therefore comes as a surprise to many when they are diagnosed with parasites.

Trees Which Healed the Sick People For Ages

In Denmark we have had a tradition of using trees for doctors. Some of these age old trees still have adherents as it has been reported when someone left clothes and other items tied to their branches. Most people may see this as superstition, but I wonder how it could go on for hundreds of years if it did not work. Actually, I think it did, at least in those cases of psychosomatic illnesses that that may not have been easy to cure the ordinary way.

MDR and XDR Tuberculosis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is defined as tuberculosis infection that is resistant to Isoniazid and Rifampicin, the two most powerful first-line anti-TB drugs. MDR-TB usually results from missed doses, inappropriate therapy or incomplete TB treatment. Such patients need to be treated with at least five anti-TB drugs for at least 18-24 months.

Babchi Oil and Seeds – Fact, Figures and Remedies

The plant is commonly found in China and India in dry and arid conditions, especially the sandy desserts. The seeds contain essential oil, a nonvolatile terpenoid oil, a pigment, a resin, fixed oil, raffinose, two coumarin compounds viz., psoralen adn isopsoralen, psoralidin, corylifolean, isopsoralidin; and the most active ingredient is psoralin alkaloid.

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