Latest revolutionary LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES- Live Q&A with Teemu Arina, Garnet Dupuis & Christian Barmen

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Welcome to Neuro Reality & light technologies live Webinar with Garnet Dupuis, Christian Barmen & Teemu Arina!

Please make sure that you set aside a few hours in your calendar as we will keep the line open as long as there is a flow of Q&A going on!

The Biohacker’s Live show offers us this time an opportunity to dive into the wondrous world of neuroplasticity, First Language and brain engagement with NeuroVIZR and Christian Barmen will share with us how to relieve, repair, and recover faster with the world’s first targeted red light therapy device, FlexBeam. So please bring your most intriguing questions with you to the show!

If for some reason life is interfering and you cannot make it to this live meeting, the recording will be available for you to watch later on.

We’re really looking forward to meet you at this webinar on 30 of August, 3pm (EET)!

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