Ketotarian Diet Review (+Tips for Keto Vegetarians) • Dr Will Cole

Listen to Dr Will Cole author of the Ketotarian Book & Leading Functional Medicine Expert, Explain How to Get the Benefits of Ketosis on a (Mostly) Plant Based Diet.

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Today, we get a chance to talk about the Ketotarian diet. Will shares great tips and explains how a plant-based eating plan can be tailored to an individual’s personal preferences so that we get the best of both worlds.

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If you know someone who is interested in how a vegan, vegetarian or a pescatarian diet can still be ketogenic, this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview with Will as he has a great way of thinking about food. His approach is not dogmatic; it is not all or nothing. As a rule he avoids generalisations and focuses on each individual’s needs to find what makes them feel their best.

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